Saturday, 11 February 2012

Overloaded on Assignments

Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately, I've been so busy with university and new assignments that are due for next month! So as I am trying to tackle all of these assignments, I am still trying to make blog posts (writing up ideas for now) and I shall write them up soon! I have reading week this coming week, so I will have posts queued up for the next month or two. Hopefully.
Anyway, I hope you are all well! And that this snow weather isn't bringing down your spirits!

This past week has been quite hectic that I don't really remember much of what I've done. I actually don't. Uh oh, this is really bad.... ~_~

Monday: Oh! Now I know why I don't remember much of Monday, is because my Media & PR lecture was cancelled, and so was my Magazine Journalism seminar. But we had to submit our magazine ideas in that day, and I did a rough draft and sent it in (without knowing it was going to be marked) FML. But we have a chance to re-submit, and also I was thinking about changing my magazine idea as I don't think it is strong enough in the current market. It's a shame as there isn't a magazine already out there, but I have no idea how I would keep it running as it covers a wide range of subjects. Would I do a monthly issue? And if so, it would literally be the size of a Vogue issue! Hmmm, I think I definitely need to do some further researching into what articles I would do and what would actually sell.

Tuesday: Went to both of my seminars, I need to find events that are happening in Huddersfield, so that I can write press releases for them. And I need to interview a group of people for an essay about libel! I have one person so far to interview, and I need around 4 or 5 more. After that, I had my Sikh Society meeting and debate on why non-Asians see Asians (Sikh, hindu, Muslim etc) as just one. i hope next week we will have a social as it will be Valentines Day, and I would prefer to be doing something fun rather than another debate. I'm also thinking of checkin out the Hindu society too which is after the Sikh Society meetings, and see what it is like and meet some more people :)

Wednesday: Had a morning seminar about democracy in Britain, and other political things like that. Then I was asked by my friend Baly to join a dance class. (I know right, dancing? me? No way... but I thought why not, and it could just open doors for me in other career aspects. YOLO ;D) And so I had to travel to Bradford - and it was the first time I went by myself - and I met Baly's friend. We went to Lloyds bar and had this super awesome Apple Smirnoff and coke drink... that was SO nice! Haha.. and then we went to the dance class. It definitely felt a bit weird as dancing really isn't my thing, but it was still super fun. We learned a bit of a routine and next week we will learn more of it. I'm still debating whether or not I should properly carry on, as it is so much fun but the travelling just gets a bit too much and I have these assignments to do :(

Thursday: Stayed home as it was my day off, and I planned to get a lot of work done, but I didn't... LOL lazy much?!

Friday: Went to my Media Tech class, I have to create a video using WMM and a 500 word analytical report on how I put it together. Will be quite an easy assignment to do, but I have absolutely NO idea what to do my video on. I wonder if I still have my videos / photos from Cheshire Zoo from 2 years ago. Hmmm! that's an idea. Anyway after that class I went with Baly and her friend Alisha to Pizza Hut, then Varsity then the SU Bar.
But on the way to Pizza Hut was this dude who was holding these small leaflets and he stopped us, and was all like "Now which of you ladies will give me £3 for this joke book that me and my work friends have put together??" as well as being all flirtatiously cheesy. Anyway we thought we would all chip in to buy one, BIG MISTAKE. It wasn't even funny at all, and the jokes were pretty dry. But oh well, it was a memory of that day...I suppose?!

Anyway, here are some photos we took:

Alisha's first ever cookie dough dessert @ Pizza Hut! Can't believe she had never tried it before! It's yummy ♥

Baly & I outside the train station.

Anyway, I shall start on my assignments now! I will post up soon :)

PS: Check out Lana Del Rey's album. It's AMAZINGGG

~ xoxo

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