Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Secrets you don't know about..

The other night I was thinking about how I was as a kid... the things I did, the stuff I used to say, the clothes I would wear. And it's very different to how I am right now. And thing is, my University friends (not all, but many) perceive me differently to how I would like to be. So I decided to make this post to help you understand the kind of person I am, and maybe we will have some things in common? Maybe, maybe not?

Okay, lets go!

1) I was never a Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera or Beyonce fan, as I never paid attention to mainstream music. I grew up listening to Korn, Nirvana, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit.. and when I say 'growing up', I mean I was around 4 or 5 at this stage. My two older brothers were really into this sort of music, and whatever they listened to, I did.

So during high school, the bands I was obsessed with were: Green Day (although I'm not keen on their recent music. I would have to say Basket Case and Welcome to Paradise are my all time favourite songs of theirs) Blink 182, From First To Last, Sum 41, Alkaline Trio (I'm still in love with them to this day)... and many more.

2) When I was around 7 years old, I was obsessed with Dinosaurs. As embarrassing as that may be, Dinosaurs are awesome and I wish they were still around to this day.

3) My heart is on my right side. Yeah, everyones heart is on the left, but before I was born (I think) my heart turned, but not fully and so it's on my right. FYI, if it was to have turned fully, then I would've been born with a hole in my heart. So I think I'm lucky? Plus, if someone was to shoot me on my left, I can turn all ninja and survive.
OMG Ninja Assassin (if you haven't watched it, then watch it :P)

4) My favourite game of all time would have to be Unreal Tournament. HELL YEAH. Basically it's similar to Call of Duty, and you have to basically shoot people. Except it's a tad bit more gory-er and sadistic (I think). In the game, you can choose what type of match you want to play, like a Team Tag, Last Man Standing, Capture the Flag, Assault... all of which are cool. There are more that I've forgotten, but man that game is so awesome. And you get all these guns and you just basically have to shoot the other players... I remember that I would play for hours on end, but I wasn't like one of those people you see on TV that obsess over games haha :P
Another one of my favourite games was Red Alert (Command and Conquer I think) and that was cool.. I don't recall playing it for hours though... so unreal Tournament was much more preferred!

5) I like my alone time. By this, I mean that I'm not bothered if I sit alone at a cafe or having lunch. I will be happy to read the newspaper or just draw a picture. This doesn't mean that I don't like being around others, I love the company, but I also love my own company. And I think that is something that some people don't understand. I usually get to University early, and I spend my free time reading, or looking up interesting things on the Internet or finding new music. And people ask me, "Ravinder, you get to University so early and what do you do?" or it's the case of "Oh.. you're by yourself?" I like my own company, and that's just how I am. I think that is how people learn to be independent, and learn to do things for yourself.

6) For a couple of years I wanted snake bites so badly. Two lip piercings on both sides of the bottom lip. I still think it looks cool, but I don't really think it's my thing anymore. I've grown out of that phase haha.

7) I was meant to study Fine Art at university, hence my YouTube videos and my drawings on Facebook. However I never got accepted anywhere, and I had to take a gap year and re-apply. Yet, Journalism is just a part of my plan... I have a master plan of something I want to do ;D

8) I support gay marriages. In fact, it does infuriate me when people make a big fuss if someone is gay. Especially guys. Like, can't people understand that if a guy is gay, (much like ANYONE else) he will have a preference of the guy he likes and therefore doesn't go after every guy they see. In high school, I was really close friends with two gay guys, and thing is, they had completely different preferences in guys. And some people forget about this, and have some sort of ridiculous problem against them.

Anyway, that is it for now... until I can think of more which I will put into another blog post. Was this interesting.. and has this changed your perception of me? :P
I hope this has, and that you will get a better understanding of the kind of person I am :)

~ xoxo

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Greenhead Park

I realised that I hadn't posted this earlier. Anyway, I went here a few months ago when I was researching a place to visit in Huddersfield for one of my assignments (that I got a first in, ooooohh yeahh). It took ages to walk to this place, and I went with one of my friends who knew the way (otherwise I would've been sooo lost haha).

It was quite a nice park, although it isn't as big as the one in Leeds that I am more familiar with - Roundhay Park. Nonetheless, this one was still lovely.


Thursday, 23 February 2012

I played Laser Quest...

For the first time in my life! With the Huddersfield Sikh society and Hindu society. It was so much fun.
First, we decided to play Girls vs. Boys. Then all of a sudden, these little kids came out of no where and we decided to attack them instead. But they won :(

Oh well! Here's a photo of all of us :)


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Star Profile: 'Ploy Chermarn' Boonyasak

Name: Chermarn Boonyasak
Nickname: Ploy Chermarn
Occupation: Actress / Model
Birthday: October 15, 1982


Sunday, 19 February 2012

EOS Adult Grey Review ~

I purchased these from Eyecandy Lens a month ago; I wanted lenses that were a blue-ish colour but also to stand out on top of my natural dark brown eyes. In the past I've purchased grey lenses, yet they haven't really stood out as well as these EOS Adult Grey lenses. So far, I am happy with them!

Manufacturer: E.O.S
Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm

Comfort: These lens are very comfortable, I once wore them on a long day of University. So if you can imagine, from 6am until 8pm that day, and not once did they feel dry! So if you want lens that provide comfort during a long day, then these are pretty awesome to do that job.

Enlargening Effect: These lens have a 14.0mm diameter, so obviously they won't make your eyes bigger :P so if you want a lens to enlargen the appearance of your eye, then these won't do it. As for a natural looking lens, this will be better as not many people can tell they are lenses (unless of course they have seen your natural eye colour before :P)

Colour: The colour of this is amazing, it's a lightish grey/blue and is very pigmented. It shows up very well on my brown eyes which was what I wanted. However, when wearing these lenses, make sure you do put on makeup or something at least. Coz wearing these lens alone can make you look ill :/ so that is my only negative point about these lens.

Overall Rating: 4/5. I love everything about the lens, but it's just the whole 'looking ill' appearance that I'm not quite keen on. Other than that, I really do like these lens! :)

More photos :3


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Caffe Nero & Video

I spent my entire Thursday literally drinking hot chocolate. Starbucks and Caffe Nero, mmmmmm :) I had Reading Week so I didn't have any scheduled lectures or seminars, but I had work to do. And one of my pieces of work was to create a movie on Windows Movie Maker (easy, huh? :P) I originally planned to make an advert for my digital camera, but (I don't know what changed) and it ended up being an advert for Caffe Nero. All and all, it was absolutely hilarious filming it, and directing Vinday (starring in it yayyy). And I definitely would love to shoot and produce more movies like this...

Anyway, tell me what you guys think :) ♥

Here are some photos we took too:

She thinks she's intellectual :P haha

Short post, but will post more soon ♥
~ xoxo

Friday, 17 February 2012

Beats by Dre REVIEW ~

Beats by Dr. Dre > On-Ear > Solo > Solo Black

I am sooo lucky to have been able to review these headphones, thanks to one of my friends :D He let me try it out to different music genres, and so I decided to review these headphones. So here goes!

This is what Beats by Dre claims with it's range of headphones:
"The music you listen to in your headphones should capture all the sonic details the artist wanted you to hear. But normal headphones can't deliver the rich, full sound in today's digital audio tracks, especially not smaller, lightweight headphones. But Solos high performance headphones, which are designed for today's active lifestyles, deliver sound so real, you'll be amazed it's all coming from something so compact and portable.".

These headphones claim to deliver sound that is full and rich, but I found that it made it dull. For example, I listened to "Over and Over" by Three Days Grace but it just ended drowning out the vocals as there was more emphasis on the sound of the instruments instead. So I decded to test out a rap song, so I listened to "Lying From You/ Dirt Off Your Shoulder" by Linkin Park & Jay-Z and that really sounded good. The sound quality wasn't really crisp, but the bass and instruments sounded impressive. I think these headphones would be more ideal to those that love to listen to rap songs, or songs with a lot of bass. For example, I tried "Cinema" by Skrillex and that sounded AMAZING through these headphones, there was so much emphasis on the bass, but I guess thats good considering Skrillex songs hardly have any actual vocals. :P

BUT, I would say the fact that these headphones blocked out the sounds around me, (and I couldn't hear anyone speak - besides the fact that I was at a bar :P lol) really sells me. I hate being able to hear other sounds over my music; so thats one thing I like about the headphones.

The design of these headphones are really slick, and I think (call me stupid if you wish) a cool fashion statement, like they look pretty cool. And the cushioning is really comfortable on the ears, and the overall device doesn't slip when you move, as opposed to say in-ear headphones.
There were volume control buttons on the wire and they are handy, for example if you were wearing gloves and couldn't be bothered to take them off to adjust the sound on you iPhone / iPod.. or any other touch screen mp3 player/phone. Another thing I liked was the fact that you could change the wire, and take it out from both sides (where it goes into the headphones, and the iPod). That way it wont get crushed and / or break, and also the wire is really thick too, so if a lot of pressure was put on it, it wouldn't really damage it!
So is it worth the £150? Hmmm.... I would say around £100 to be honest. The design, packaging and concept is really awesome, but in terms of delivering music of good sound, then not really. It could be a bit more crisp in sound as it claims..


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Rain ~


The condensed moisture of the atmosphere falling visibly in separate drops.

Rain falls.

noun. shower - wet

verb. shower - pour

I know rain can be one of those 'bad' things. It ruins our hair and makeup, makes us feel cold and overall depressed. Now, the last week, it rained so much. So much to the point that I was complaining so much about how it was wet and cold (worst combination ever, and I had to walk into uni with a hoody underneath my coat. The worst thing is that when it rains, my hair turns wavy after I spend time in the morning straightening it.

"Why must it rain?!?"
I think to myself. Well, after all these negative thoughts about rain, I managed to think about positive thoughts about rain...

Like; why does it smell so great once it has rained (in a forest / grass land area that is!). The air smells so fresh, and grassy. I absolutely love that smell! And how the location around us looks alive; there is more contrast in the colours of objects around us look more vibrant... But on a serious note: I think of how we get to experience rain. We are able to walk in the rain, feel the water on our skin, feel the cold wind against our faces. It's something that I guess we all end up taking for advantage. There are countries where people have to face months and months of hot weather and sun exposure, that they would love to have a rainy day, week or month.

It's the cold and rainy weather that makes us appreciate the hot and sunny weather ♥

~ xoxo
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