Friday, 27 January 2012

Why did you do it in the first place??

British daytime television sucks. Why? The only things on tv are: Antique furniture selling, Holiday get-aways... And... The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Okay for those of you who are unaware of The Jeremy Kyle Show; it's a talk show where people of the public go on to discuss their problems and seek advice. Kinda like Ricki Lake. Anyway Jeremy Kyle has this reputation of being really cold. Like he patronises the guests that come on the stage, but who wouldn't patronise them, a lot of the guests are so stupid. LOL.

So, I watched Jeremy Kyle today and there was this chav girl, and she was complaining how she thinks her boyfriend slept with her best friend. (this has nothing to do with my blog title btw, I just wanted to talk about this :P). So anyway, she was okay looking, not bad, but she could do with some makeup and hair doing - another thing: MAJORITY of guests that come on the show have uber greasy hair. =_____=.

And then they showed her friend (who was back stage) and then her boyfriend. Now I'm not being rude BUT this girl could do A LOT better than this guy. I mean, a lot of the guys who go on the show (and are claimed to be cheating with other girls) are just... I dont even know. They have nothing about them, which makes me wonder why the girls go after them in the first place?! Crack heads with nothing going for them in life... THEY get girls. Yes. Can you believe it?!

Back on track, anyway this show has a reputation of having guests, mostly girls, who have had a child and yes, THEY DON'T KNOW WHO THE FATHER OF THE BABY IS. So not only are they unaware of the actual father, they don't have any money to support the baby.

So my question is: WHY did you have a baby in the first place?! And the father ends up being a crack head living off the governments benefits for being unemployed. Yet they use the benefits money to buy drugs. I mean really?! If you can't look after it and support it, why?! Why did you decide to bring a baby into the world... A baby you don't know who it belongs to?

Gah, it just confuses me! ~ xoxo

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