Sunday, 29 January 2012

Week of 23-01-12 update ~

Hello everyone, hope you are all well!

Sorry for not posting as much lately, I've been a bit busy with University work as I've been given new assignments and have less time to blog ;_;
Also on Thursday night / Friday morning I ended up getting food poisoning! :( I had food from 88 Noodle Bar on Thursday and I have no idea what happened, because the previous times I've ate food from there I have been fine. So I'm not happy with that, and I've only started eating properly now as I'm feeling better.
But moving on, here is my weekly photo diary, not much has happened (that is worth blogging about) this week so I'm sorry!

Directly underneath the spiral staircase in the University main entrance. I have never been in that area and that was cool.

This was for a charity that was in the high street on my way to Uni.. it was to raise money for local disabled children and I donated... and took a photo of these ponies. They are soooo cute!!

Oh! I went to Bagel Nash for the first time in my life with Vinday! It actually wasn't that bad, definitely felt healthy but overall wasn't bad. I can't remember what the name was of what I ordered, but it had salmon, cream cheese and black olives in it. It was really nice, and the cream cheese balanced the taste of the fish, and the black olives weren't too over powering either!

Vinday's vegetable bagel... She said it was "too healthy"?!

Soft Cookie Dough with Vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of chocolate syrup from Pizza Hut. This was SO yummy!

So that's it for now, and I have to get on with a Come Dine With Me review! I feel like I'm on a roll with my work lately, I managed to get my PR Business cards and letter head designed and completed yesterday, and they look SHIT HOT. And I managed to get 2 journal entries done for one of my modules, and now I have one left. I also have a presentation on Wednesday and I need to get info for that... and that's about it! Yay :)
I really like my Journalism course, because most (if not all) the things we do, are quite fun / the type of things I enjoy doing. And its much more fun compared to other courses, where they have to revise or hours on end about money problems or chemistry stuff. Oh well!

Take care
~ xoxo


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