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Sourcing for hair ideas? ~

[[FIRST POST OF 2012 wooooo! This post is taken from my old blog. I decided to re-post it because it was helpful to a lot of people :) Enjoy!!]]

I thought I would post a 'hair image' blog entry, of TONS of different hair styles of colours and lengths etc. For girls and guys too!

(WARNING: A lot of Asian images LOL ;P)


You may or may not know her, she's BubzBeauty from YouTube ^__^ and I'm sure she gets asked a lot about this hair style. Its basically a bob with very long layers, which are cut using a razor. To give that feather like finish.
Some more..

Gyaru Model.
Her hair; long, no bangs, just beach waves. And the ends are dyed lighter.

This is Waii, Thai singer ♥ As far as I know, her hair has VERY long layers, and mostly has her hair curly. And right now, its a plum/deep red shade.

Choi Seo Hee:- My fav eoljjang. Bangs tend to create the youthful look. Whether it being side swept bangs or straight cut bangs.

Gyaru:- Side bands / Straight cut bangs are a big hit with the Gyarus. Most of them use hair extensions to give their hair extra volume and length. Along with tight or loose curls.

Oh the things you can do with long hair¬ ♥ _____ ♥

Really cute fish tail braids.

Ayumi Hamasaki ♥

Very short hair like this can make you look younger and youthful! But I would only recommend to those who dont have a round/plump face as it wouldnt have an overall balance. Short hair with round faces isn't a good combo!

Amber f(x) :- If you're feeling DARING, try this. A boy cut basically, and a complete colour of Platinum blonde. And yes... this is a girl.

Kumicky :- Try two hair colours, but suit 2 colours that look well together. Not like Cruella DeVil LOL wtf. Like this photo, Ash Brown and Blonde go well great.

Again, two shades!

Koda Kumi ♥ :- A straight cut bob like this, again, suits only certain face shapes.

Sandara Park :- Funky hairstyles



To start off the Males section, Yutakis James ♥ In this he has very blonde hair, and not many people (with naturally darker hair) can pull this off as well as he can. If you're feeling daring, then try it! ;P

His hair cut remains very similar as always.

Kang XIS :- If you're still young (or want to look young-er - not that you are old LOL) then go for a cut like his. I always think this type of hair style looks really youthful.

And again...

C-Quint:- I really think deep red tones look good with dark hair. So if you want to get highlights (but obviously not lightening your hair so it goes brown) opt for red. They suit everyone. ^__^

If you're feeling daring to dye your hair light. But the cute and style itself, is pretty cool. It wont make you look too young nor old.

Gwak Min Jun:- One of my fav Eoljjangs. His cut is pretty simple and casual. Suitable for most if not all face shapes.

Platinum hair.... if you're daring ;P and I love his hair cut/style here.

Pataradanai Setsuwan ♥ :- Try dying your parts of your hair another colour?

Yuichi Nakamaru ♥ :- I REALLY prefer him with this hair style as it doesnt make him look his age.
Guess his age
Okay, hes almost 30! See? You didn't guess that for his age...right? Also the hair colour loooks really natural, and suits him.

Kenta Tsuchiya :- If you want a youthful look.

Jin Akanishi :- One of his many famous hairstyles. And this hair style is very popular with teenagers and early 20's guys in Japan. (And maybe in other Asian countries). But I'm guessing it requires a lot of grooming and maintanence to look that good ;P haha!

Boo VwiilZ :- If you're feeling a little Anime-ish. From what I know, Boo's hair colour tends to fade a lot. One minute it will look this blonde, then a couple weeks later it will go to a brown-ish colour. So I think it will require a lot of maintainence if you want to dye your hair VERY light.

Jin Akanishi :- if you really want, grow your hair and try it up. Simples ^__~

Pirat Nitispaisalkul a.k.a Mike D Angelo :- Grow your hair! So you will look sexy like him! LOL! ;P

And again

So here you can see Golf and Mike with their new hair cuts. Personally I prefer this type on Mike as he has a much stronger bone structure.

Pichaya Nitispaisalkul a.k.a Golf Pichaya :- I prefer this hair style on him. If you have a face shape of slightly prominent bone structure or cheeks that are a bit chubby compared to the rest of your face. Then this hair style would probably look really great on you. Simply because the cut is pretty edgy yet soft, and it wont bring any attention to your face shape. Also, if you're a bit weary of your hair line, or ultimately your facial shape, then opt for this hair style.

Key SHINee :- Dye a bit of your hair blue/green? ^__^

Effortless-ly casual

Taemin SHINee :- If you want to look very young ;P

Taeyang :- Asian Mohawk. One word. HOT

And again. I do think only certain facial shapes suit this.

Kamenashi Kazuya & Jin Akanishi

TJ 3.2.1 :- I really ♥ TJ's hair. It's really casual and probably doesnt require a lot of maintainence. And it looks suitable for all guys (I know some guys reading this post will be all like "there are lots of feminine hair styles wtf LOL")

Tou Xtreme :- My future husband LOL ;P His hair is pretty casual, looks neat and doesnt require a lot of effort.

Gyaruo:- For those feeling VERY adventurous! ;P

Here they are again


Here they are again, you can kinda agree with me about their facial shapes? Right?

MIYAVI ♥ :- VERY VERY VERY daring. But Miyavi is one of his own, and his style is amazing in its own way. Perhaps Google more images of him if you're feeling daring and creative :D Even his makeup is AMAZING.

BUT If you do not like any of these hairstyles, you could always just go bald.


So I hope you like this post as I've literally spammed my blog with so many hair styles photos, and I hope you have found a hairstyle for yourself? Maybe?

~ xoxo


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  3. Love your hair! in every photograph it looks beautiful.
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