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Silly Relationship Problems

[Taken from my old blog...]
Late last night I was informed of a problem my friend had with his girlfriend. And keep in mind they have been in a relationship for long, like nearly 2 years... okay maybe 1 year and a half. Whatever. It's been quite a long time and I'm pretty sure they're really happy with each other. So anyway he told me that they could no longer be together coz he was a different caste.

For those of you who don't really understand this, in Asian cultures there is like a hierarchy and the higher you are, the more wealthy and better job you have. And the lower you are in this hierarchy, the crappy job you have and you're like a peasant. SO THEY SAY. I researched ages ago that this hierarchy was ONLY based on skin colour?! So the lighter you are, the higher up you are. Like wtf. But idk if this hierarchy STILL exists amongst getting jobs, and social structure (being friends with those of your caste). - Back in India (or other Asian countries where this happens too).

But being born in England and living here all my life, I never seem to see caste as a problem. I'm friends with whoever, I'm not intimidated by others nor do I treat others in a particular way if they're a certain religion or whatever. Its just stupid.

Don't you think its quite silly if you walk around like "I can't talk to you because I'm Jewish" or "I can't be your BFF because I'm Christian and you're Muslim". How narrow minded is that?! I mean WTF, no one really cares about the 'label' you're given. Yes, its a label. And this label SHOULDN'T affect your personality and the person you are, because its not who you are. You are you.

But parents/ grandparents and those who are more religious, tend to pay attention to the caste system a lot, and would want their children to marry within their caste. Personally I find it quite gross as one day everyone within a caste is going to be related... maybe like 2030 or something. But yeah, thats just my thinking LOL wtf. Imagine getting married to you cousins cousins cousins sisters uncles sisters brothers son. Eh... Idk its just weird.

Anwyay the point I really want to make here is that, is it not important that these two people in the realtionship are happy? Like who really cares about caste. I mean c'mon, fine you want someone of the same religion, but of the same caste. Isn't that a BIT too nitpicky? I mean which would you have:

1) Two people of a different caste who love each other, have a happy life together BUT people on the outside are all like "Shes a ____ and hes a _____. Can you believe they're together?!"


") Two people who don't love each other and don't have many interests in common BUT other people on the outside are happy because they're the same caste

OBVIOUSLY You will pick the first one. No offence, but if you live for other people, and live for their happiness, then you're justa waste of life. Like really, do something for yourself. Because: Those who mind, dont matter. And those who don't mind, matter.
Especially if you're worried about what other people think, like really, why do you give a crap about someone who only gives a crap about the person you're with. If this person has NO relativity to your life whatsoever, then why do you feel like you have to please them?

If it's parents who are giving a crap about their child being in a relationship with someone of another caste. Why? Are they not happy that their child is happy? If they loved their child enough, they would know that their happiness is important too. I don't understand some parents... =___= Just swallow your pride or compromise.

And furthermore on this situation, why did this girls parents let her be in a relationship with my guy friend for all this time, and then only to give a crap now. And they're giving a crap on the most little thing. If he was a murderer, or a hardcore drug addict, or been in prison - yeah I can understand that. But this guy has done nothing and to be faced with this relatioship dilemma of being a different caste, is just stupid. And prehistoric. No one really should think like that in this day and age.

Hope this enlightens you... :P

~ xoxo


  1. That's so stupid!!! I know that kind of parent and I don't understand why they think that if their son/daughter will be with somebody of the same "race" that will make them more happy... that's just totally ignorance.
    My boyfriend is Japanese... and lucky for us our family doesn't care about it...they seem to be happy with us.
    I hope your friends will find the way to be together, otherwise it's just going to be too sad.

    1. I know right!! You can't help who you fall in love with, and why should it concern anybody else? And thats really awesome about you and your boyfriend :) And yeah, I hope so too!


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