Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My Latest Obsession - The Path of Totality ~

If you're familiar with the nu metal band Korn (if not Youtube: Freak on a Leash, or Twisted Transistor) you would know they're recently released Path of Totality.

Stuff from Wikipedia:
"The album was produced by various dubstep, drum and bass, and electro house artists due to the band's desire to fuse their traditional sound with electronic elements. The lead single, "Get Up!", is one of three tracks produced by Skrillex, and was released as a digital download on May 6, 2011. "Narcissistic Cannibal" was released as the second single on October 18, 2011."

"Regarding the album, vocalist Jonathan Davis stated: "I want to trail-blaze. I want to change things. I want to do things we're not supposed to do. I want to create art that's different and not conform to what's going on. We didn't make a dubstep album. We made a Korn album."

Anyway, I'm going to stress on how much I LOVE this album, as it just different. [Everyone knows I love music that is different annd not mainstream]. It's nothing I've heard before ♥ And it's different from their old music, but it's still good.

One thing I gotta mention is that it's a Korn album, so it still sounds like the music they would produce except it's more experimental. I hate when people say Dubstep has a specific sound which is 'shit, but it depends what kind of dubstep you listen to. This album has Skrillex featured on it, so you know that it's a little better than regular dubstep. Can you imagine nu metal and Skrillex...? No, neither could I until I listened to this album.

You could say it's a bit heavy metal-ish, that's why some people wouldn't want to listen to it, but whatever. It's a really good album and it has songs that I would listen to when I'm feeling pissed off or angry or stressed... Or when I'm just feeling like it. Anyway, do check it out. I can't guarantee that you will like it, but it's definitely something to hear :)

Anyway.. Check out this song from their album; Narcissistic Cannibal.


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