Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Love Para-noi-dox ~

I've been listening to a lot of Linkin Park songs lately; so I think that has encouraged me to write this particular blog post. Also the fact that whenever I listen to Linkin Park (or other bands like Green Day, Breaking Benjamin etc.) I often think, A LOT. Like my brain goes crazy just thinking of the most random things. So this is a complete different point of view to others on this topic.

I want to express my thoughts on 'liking someone'. Yeah, so like having a crush on someone, say your friend, someone you've just met, or which ever scenario you want.

So you like this person, quite a lot. But you wonder if they like you... And not in the sense of "oh I wonder if he thinks I'm cute" etc whatever. But as in "I like him but maybe he could do better, there are a lot of girls he talks to, and he would probably choose them over me. I wonder if he thinks I'm not good enough". Anyone in this frame of mind is pretty silly to think they aren't good enough for a particular person, but I'm sure we have all been in this situation before.

Yet, how do we overcome this? How do we get past this obstacle of our insecurities? Am I going to face my fear (of going to ask the crush what they think of us) or do I just let this crush slide. Because obviously, if he doesn't think I'm good enough, then it's pretty much pointless plucking up this courage... Right?

Is it a lack of self control that makes us think like this? That we can't actually control our minds from thinking rationally. And we put our minds through so much pressure thinking in this paradox of "does he like me or not..." As it's a simple yes or no answer. What is there to lose... Right?

Compared to death (yes I'm thinking of the famous Steve Jobs quote) this fear (or obstacle) of asking the crush about any sort of relationship related question, it seems like nothing, right? Well... Anything compared to death is a minor. But why do we still think irrationally?

"it's like I'm paranoid, looking over my back; it's like a whirlwind, inside of my head".

On an uplifting note; check out the sunset from today; taken at Leeds Train Station :)

~ xoxo

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  1. Oh, wow.. That photo is lovely^^New follower! You are a great artist^^


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