Wednesday, 4 January 2012

INSTAGRAM: Making the Popular page ~

A lot of people have asked me "Ravi, how do you get on the Popular page on Instagram?". I have over 3000 followers, and more than 50 (approx) photos of mine have made the Popular page. And I will share with you the secret :)

DISCLAIMER: This works for me, but please read til the end. I will talk about EVERYTHING that you need to know to make the popular page. But this is only based on MY experience on Instagram. It may be different for other users, but this post is about my photos and experience on the Popular page

Regardless of what you know / what others have told you about the Popular page, to get your photo on there is based on the amount of LIKES. However, it doesnt mean you need a lot of followers. Followers and likes are different things. You may think that people with a lot of followers get on the Popular page as they have a lot of followers, however this is not true. Users tend to have a lot of followers BECAUSE they've been on the popular page (and depending on their photo, they will gain more followers). I've seen users with 10,000 followers who are on the popular page, and I've seen users with around 400 followers make the popular page. Followers don't really make a huge difference. It's just the users with a lot of followers (meaning, they get more likes on their photos) have an easier chance of making the popular page).

How many likes do you need to reach the Popular page??

Well, if you have never been on the Popular page, you need around 35 likes within 60 mins. Yes, it's that easy. BUT, once you have done that, you need to beat your record time. So, 35 within 50 mins, or 40 within 50 mins. Its like that, and then you kinda have to keep beating that record time to have your photo reach the popular page.

There is a catch however, once you've reached the Popular page, if you dont get a lot of likes, then your photo may only stay on the Popular page for 30 mins. Depending on how many likes you get, your photo can be up for 30 mins to 3 hours. I know a lot of people say that it isn't based on likes, when it actually is. LOTS of Likes = Popular page.

Just post good photos that people will really like to see

For myself right now, I need around 45 likes within 20 minutes to reach the Popular page. Yeah, it's a little crazy, BUT I have beaten my record time a lot during the past few months.

HOWEVER there are a few things:
~ Even though you have so many likes wthin 45 mins, your photo MAY NOT get on the Popular page. Not all photos do make it regardless of how many likes you get.
~ You will end up getting a hate comment, or two. ~ Just ignore it, or respond if you like. But there really isn't any point responding, after all, it's the Internet. No one really cares.

I think I've mentioned everything here... so if you have any questions, drop me a comment @theraviosahn on Instagram. Or write a comment below :) Hope this has helped!!

and PLEASE, one thing you MUST NOT do: Tell others to follow you. It's just a FAIL and I'm sick of people writing it on my photos.


  1. Hi, ive a question, ive been beating 35 likes within 19 min but it havent reach the popular page.
    How come?

  2. Hi guys, you can check out Instagramfollowerhub on how to be popular on instagram.


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