Friday, 13 January 2012

Girls who want EQUAL rights to guys

This is one thing that really annoys me. I really hate when I hear...
No wait let me write a disclaimer

This post doesn't mean I'm anti-feminist. Or I don't support women having equal rights to guys. JUST READ MY POST BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR MINDS UP.... okay?!. This only goes to a percentage of girls.

If you are this type of girl:
You have a good job, you have a good income, you rely on yourself to pay bills. You buy your own things. This blog post doesn't refer to you

This post refers to those girls, who say they want equal rights to guys. Meaning, they want to have same income, same jobs (being in a higher position), they want to be treated like a guy (Not like "Oi! Go make me a sandwich"). BUT then they rely on their boyfriend, fiance, husband, partner etc to PAY for their things. Like their phone bills, like the gas/electricity bills, the food bills at a restaurant. That kinda stuff.

But it doesn't STOP there.... some girls, after saying they want to be treated with the same equal respect, THEN SAY :

"Its a man's duty to bring the money in"

WTF, I mean, make up your mind! Do you want the guys responsibility of being able to rely on yourself, or do you want someone to look after you?! Go out, get a job, or some way of making money OR don't complain that your whoever is treating you the way you don't want to be.

I know that most girls aren't so contradicting like this, there are only a few that are. And they really need a slap haha...


And another thing, this is just my personal opinion but, what is so wrong about going halves on paying for a meal? Like, say if a girl, went out on a date with a guy. Is it his responsibility to pay for everything? First date, sure he has to :P (its the laws of dating). But times after that when they decide to go out to eat again, is it his responsibility to pay for everything? Its not a bad thing for both of them to pay half. They both did eat - and depending on the food - going halves is pretty much like paying for your own food.

Is it such a bad thing? :S


~ xoxo

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