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GEO Super Nudy Grey ~ Review

Hey everyone! So I've been getting a lot of questions about my lenses that I wear in almost half of my pictures that I post on Instagram, and so this entry is like a review and FAQ... entry! ^_^

So here are the basics about this lens:

Name: GEO Super Nudy Grey
Diameter: 14.8mm
Water Content: 38-42%
Base Curve: 8.6
Life Span: 1 Year

Bought from:

For those of you who haven't purchased Circle lenses before online, BE CAREFUL as there are many fakes; and these fakes can harm your eyes. So when you purchase your lenses, please check the website if they are an authentic GEO lens seller. But if you have already purchased your lenses and you still don't know if they are real or fake; there is a GEO lens sticker that you scratch, and underneath there will be a code. That code you can search in te internet to see if they actually are authentic.

It should look something like this... (this isn't my photo - I had to do a Google search ;P)

I bought my Geo lens in November 2010, and I bought them from FOTD Looks. They're a seller based in London and I didn't know where else to buy them, so I thought I'd try it. And because I needed prescription lenses, they did take a while to get made and be sent to me (it came all the way from South Korea!! ^o^) but they arrived back to me a week before Christmas so I was really happy about that.

A rule for when you FIRST recieve your lenses, you need to open them and place them in fresh contact lens solution in a contact lens case. And let them soak for at least 12 hours. Otherwise, the liquid that they have been in during shipping can really irritate your eyes... so yeah, just let them soak.

Another rule:
When you wear them for the first time, wear for a few hours and then gradually build up the hours as the days go by. I wore mine for 2 hours on the first day, and then gradually added half an hour more each day. Its just so that your eyes can get used to it!

A lot of GEO lens (and other circle lenses) have a bigger diameter; which gives the enlargening effect! And these Super Nudy Grey lenses have a diameter of 14.8mm, which is pretty big! So again, I would recommend wearing them for little amounts a day and then add on hours later.

Comfort: I'm going to rate these lenses 9/10 for comfort.
As big a diameter as they are, they're probably the most comfy lens I've worn! (I've worn contact lenses for 4 years now and I tend to stick with clear lenses. I have had other coloured lenses in the past and they arent as comfy as these GEO lens! :D) But when I first wore them, they felt a little bit awkward as they were just bigger than regular lenses, but my eyes got used to it and now it feels really comfy! Another great thing is that even after say 7 hours, my eyes dont feel tired or get dry. My sister bought the Super Nudy Brown, and she said shes able to wear the lenses for long periods of time and her eyes still feel great.

Colour: I'm going to rate these 8/10 for colour.
I think Grey looks pretty natural especially for Southern Asian skin tones. However in a few of my photos, it looks blue. I don't know why but they just look more blue than grey! :S But people tend to think its my natural eye colour.. haha! So its okay, I'm just happy with the fact the colour looks quite natural!

Don't they look quite blue here? It could just be the Hefe filter (Instagram ;P)

Enlargement: I will rate these lenses 9/10 for enlargement.
These are great to make your eyes look bigger, and they make you look really awake (haha!) I would say you have to wear makeup when wearing lenses with a big diameter, simply because otherwise, you will look a little alien-ish. :P

Overall satisfaction: 9/10
I absolutely LOVE these lenses, the colour, quality and comfort is amazing. And I hope to try more from the Super Nudy range, and also others in the GEO lens list.

Okay so now onto the FAQ:

1)I just ordered some GEO lens. Are they comfortable?
I'm guessing it depends on the type of lens, all I can say for GEO lens is the Syper Nudy Grey, and they are awesomely comfortable! Read reviews about other GEO lens, but I think it depends on your eyes too. I think other people may feel that Super Nudy Grey aren't so comfortable, or the colour is really amazing (yet I found that it looks blue at times). People have their different opinions so its best to try it out yourself.

2)How much do they cost and where do I get them?
I bought mine from FOTD Looks, so just type that in Google and their website will be listed! And I'm sure I bought mine for £12 or £14, I can't quite remember... it was in their Christmas deal: Buy 2 pairs of lenses and choose another pair free!

So that is the review, and if you have any more questions, write them in the comment section or leave me a comment on Instagram and I'll reply! (and I'll also update on here for others to see!)

~ xoxo


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