Thursday, 19 January 2012

Food Post of 19-01-12 ~

Just a photo blog entry of most of the food I've managed to consume during the past few months. (Well the food that was worth taking a photo of...obv :P)

Margharite pizza, courtesy of Huddersfield's SU Bar

Not mine, Hassnain's chips :P

Steak Burger @ SU Bar

Salad stuff from the Buffet thing @ Pizza Hut

Cheese & Garlic Prawns @ Pizza Hut

Milky Way chocolate stars ♥

Mediterranean Salad w/ Lemon & Herb Chicken @ Nandos

'All You Can Eat' Chinese buffet @ Jumbo in Huddersfield

Luxury Hot Chocolate @ SU Cafe

Goldschlager & Relentless @ SU Bar

Pepperoni & Cheese wrap @ SU Bar

Butter Pecan Latte @ SU Cafe

Chips w/ Cheese & Beans @ SU Bar

Roast Duck in Plum Sauce @ 88 Noodle Bar - Hudds

McDonald's 99p Cheeseburger

Beef Curry @ 88 Noodle Bar - Hudds

Natalie's food....not sure what it was :P

1/2 Lemon & Herb Chicken w/ Chips and Garlic bread @ Nandos

Chips w/ Cheese & Bacon @ Warehouse - Hudds

Guacamole, Sour Cream, Cheese & Salso Nachos @ Warehouse

Gingerbread Latte @ Costa Coffee

Curly Fries w/ Cheese @ SU Bar

Pork Dumplings soup @ 88 Noodle Bar

That's all for now, but hopefully I will have MORE photos next month ;-) Hope you liked this food post

~ xoxo

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