Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Finding Mr/Mrs Right ~

So why should I give up trying to find someone when they probably already have found someone? I should be happy too... Even if it means being with someone completely new and different

This is just something I wrote in my diary (yes, I have a diary) and I end up writing about a lot of different things. But this specific diary entry isn't directed at anyone I know, nor is it about a particular person, therefore I think it has purpose of making someone out there feel better about themselves and their love life. Whether they have broken up with that person, or they have been rejected, or they really like someone but they are not getting the attention reciprocated... etc. You know what I mean.

So you have that one person, whom you think you will be really great with, or you were really great with. But things obviously don't go to plan and you're left feeling heartbroken and sad. Yet what you don't realise is that maybe that person just wasn't your Mr/Mrs Right. Sure, you get on really well with that person, or you have a lot in common, but they just aren't your actual match. But fear not, as he/she is still out there and sooner or later, they will come into your life when you least expect.

There are other possibilities; for example the person you like(d) will one day wake up and realise that they like you back. Or have some sort of feelings for you, and therefore things can happen from there. Or they can end up liking you in a years time, you just don't know. BUT there is the case of this person getting a new boy/girlfriend. What the hell are you meant to do then?!. Accept it - and wish them success. After all, everyone is going to find their match one day, and you should wish them nothing but happiness and success.

What you need to realise, is how would it be like in reverse role. Someone really liked you, but you didn't really like them. And you found someone that was your match (yes, just pretend :P), but that person who liked you first is saying all sorts like "Ugh, I don't like them." or "They don't love you like I do." And it's going to make you feel like telling that person to fuck right off. Right? So, think about it, you are going to have to let go and hope that things will work out for them.

Just appreciate what you had with that person (whether you did end up dating, or you were just friends). But also remember why things didn't work out. Was it more of you chasing that person, or were they treating you indecently. Whatever it was, things didn't work out because they weren't the one for you.

REMEMBER Mr/Mrs Right could be sat right in front of you (or maybe not), but there is someone out there for you. Don't rush it, but don't hide either, and don't miss out on any opportunities to meet new people. :)


  1. you're soo pretty!
    agreed, a great relationship definitely shouldn't be rushed :)


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