Tuesday, 10 January 2012

1st Day back @ University ; 2012

Hey everyone, yesterday was my first day back at University (although it wasn't a proper day (I had no lectures or seminars - just a meeting with my course leader). Yet, it probably the best day I've had since starting University. Why? Well, let me explain :)

First status update:
1st day back at Uni; finally fulfilled my whipped cream hot chocolate cravings, got asked out for a drink by a sales guy who kept calling me 'Ravina' and now to indulge on some good food :D Ahh, I've missed you Huddersfield ♥

Second status update:
CORRECTION: 1st day back at Uni; finally fulfilled my whipped cream hot chocolate cravings, got asked out for a drink by a sales guy who kept calling me 'Ravina', indulgied on margharita pizzas whilst drinking 7 bottles of wine with Natalie, Debbie & Christian and then to be driven all the way to Leeds to be dropped off outside my house :D Ahh, I love my life :D ♥

Oooh, you're excited to know what has happened? Right? :P
So first thing, the hot chocolate. How can you not die for this?

I mena it's pretty self explanatory as to why I've been craving this the past 3 weeks :P

Second thing, the guy asking me out is pretty long but fear not, I'll skip the boring parts :P So I was walking through the shopping centre, just minding my own business while I walked past a stall where they were selling like herbal hand/face wash. So I walked past, and I knew I would get called by one of the workers from the stall (if not him) and be 'sold' a product. Anyway, he was demonstrating these hand wash products to me (even though I already know what they were - but I had time to kill so why not). Through the conversation, the topic switched from the products, to who I was (my name -despite constantly calling me Ravina- and what I study, stuff like that) and then he was saying he was from Israel (as were the other workers), and then showing me another product that was for the nail OMG he was going to remove my nailpolish! *le gasp* but luckily I stopped him in time. But anyway long story short, he ended up asking me if I was seeing anyone, and (in these exact words) "There is a bar round here, if you want to get a drink sometime". And not knowing really what to say, I was like "Oh.. I'll have to come back, I'm meant to be going to class...". LOL, oh well. And then I avoided going back to that shopping centre for the rest of the day.

Moving on, the third thing - the pizzas, wine and the ride back home kinda fits into one whole story.So I had a meeting with my course leader at 3:45, and that went swimmingly! So me and Natalie went back to the SU Bar to find our other course friends and we sat with them, talking about our classes and general chitchat. Then a few of them went, leaving only Natalie, Debbie, Christian and myself. So around 4 (or was it 5) bottles of Rosé (yes, it was actually SO nice, that I got really tipsy quickly) and 4 slices of pizza each, it ended up being one of the best times I've had with my course friends. The conversations especially were pretty interesting, from religion, to our houses/locations, to our aspirations (well what we would want to do in the future). It was actually a good 'bonding' time (bonding? That sounds kinda lame... a good social gathering? Ugh... can't find a good word but you get the jist) and I ended up getting to know them better... despite the fact we were just blabbing. Oh well. But the nicest thing was that Christian ended up calling his driver to pick us all up and drop us off back to our houses (which I found really thoughtful considering Natalie, Debbie and myself get the train back to our cities) and then make another (bus/car) journey to get home. So yeah that was awesome, and hilarious considering each of us ended up falling asleep at one point. Hahaha... ah good times :D

Anyway, here is the evidence ;P

I find it so funny how we all have our phones out to take a photo! :P

Take care everyone (and thank you SO much for following me) ♥
~ xoxo

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