Sunday, 29 January 2012

Contact Lenses to Review ~

Hey everyone, I bought these lenses from Pinky Paradise around two months ago (and I've been meaning to review them, but I've been so busy lately T_T but I will review them soon and have photos! :D

Lacey Pink

Dueba DM23 Brown

Candy Grey

Will be back with a review soon!
~ xoxo


Week of 23-01-12 update ~

Hello everyone, hope you are all well!

Sorry for not posting as much lately, I've been a bit busy with University work as I've been given new assignments and have less time to blog ;_;
Also on Thursday night / Friday morning I ended up getting food poisoning! :( I had food from 88 Noodle Bar on Thursday and I have no idea what happened, because the previous times I've ate food from there I have been fine. So I'm not happy with that, and I've only started eating properly now as I'm feeling better.
But moving on, here is my weekly photo diary, not much has happened (that is worth blogging about) this week so I'm sorry!

Directly underneath the spiral staircase in the University main entrance. I have never been in that area and that was cool.

This was for a charity that was in the high street on my way to Uni.. it was to raise money for local disabled children and I donated... and took a photo of these ponies. They are soooo cute!!

Oh! I went to Bagel Nash for the first time in my life with Vinday! It actually wasn't that bad, definitely felt healthy but overall wasn't bad. I can't remember what the name was of what I ordered, but it had salmon, cream cheese and black olives in it. It was really nice, and the cream cheese balanced the taste of the fish, and the black olives weren't too over powering either!

Vinday's vegetable bagel... She said it was "too healthy"?!

Soft Cookie Dough with Vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of chocolate syrup from Pizza Hut. This was SO yummy!

So that's it for now, and I have to get on with a Come Dine With Me review! I feel like I'm on a roll with my work lately, I managed to get my PR Business cards and letter head designed and completed yesterday, and they look SHIT HOT. And I managed to get 2 journal entries done for one of my modules, and now I have one left. I also have a presentation on Wednesday and I need to get info for that... and that's about it! Yay :)
I really like my Journalism course, because most (if not all) the things we do, are quite fun / the type of things I enjoy doing. And its much more fun compared to other courses, where they have to revise or hours on end about money problems or chemistry stuff. Oh well!

Take care
~ xoxo


Friday, 27 January 2012

Why did you do it in the first place??

British daytime television sucks. Why? The only things on tv are: Antique furniture selling, Holiday get-aways... And... The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Okay for those of you who are unaware of The Jeremy Kyle Show; it's a talk show where people of the public go on to discuss their problems and seek advice. Kinda like Ricki Lake. Anyway Jeremy Kyle has this reputation of being really cold. Like he patronises the guests that come on the stage, but who wouldn't patronise them, a lot of the guests are so stupid. LOL.

So, I watched Jeremy Kyle today and there was this chav girl, and she was complaining how she thinks her boyfriend slept with her best friend. (this has nothing to do with my blog title btw, I just wanted to talk about this :P). So anyway, she was okay looking, not bad, but she could do with some makeup and hair doing - another thing: MAJORITY of guests that come on the show have uber greasy hair. =_____=.

And then they showed her friend (who was back stage) and then her boyfriend. Now I'm not being rude BUT this girl could do A LOT better than this guy. I mean, a lot of the guys who go on the show (and are claimed to be cheating with other girls) are just... I dont even know. They have nothing about them, which makes me wonder why the girls go after them in the first place?! Crack heads with nothing going for them in life... THEY get girls. Yes. Can you believe it?!

Back on track, anyway this show has a reputation of having guests, mostly girls, who have had a child and yes, THEY DON'T KNOW WHO THE FATHER OF THE BABY IS. So not only are they unaware of the actual father, they don't have any money to support the baby.

So my question is: WHY did you have a baby in the first place?! And the father ends up being a crack head living off the governments benefits for being unemployed. Yet they use the benefits money to buy drugs. I mean really?! If you can't look after it and support it, why?! Why did you decide to bring a baby into the world... A baby you don't know who it belongs to?

Gah, it just confuses me! ~ xoxo

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Love Para-noi-dox ~

I've been listening to a lot of Linkin Park songs lately; so I think that has encouraged me to write this particular blog post. Also the fact that whenever I listen to Linkin Park (or other bands like Green Day, Breaking Benjamin etc.) I often think, A LOT. Like my brain goes crazy just thinking of the most random things. So this is a complete different point of view to others on this topic.

I want to express my thoughts on 'liking someone'. Yeah, so like having a crush on someone, say your friend, someone you've just met, or which ever scenario you want.

So you like this person, quite a lot. But you wonder if they like you... And not in the sense of "oh I wonder if he thinks I'm cute" etc whatever. But as in "I like him but maybe he could do better, there are a lot of girls he talks to, and he would probably choose them over me. I wonder if he thinks I'm not good enough". Anyone in this frame of mind is pretty silly to think they aren't good enough for a particular person, but I'm sure we have all been in this situation before.

Yet, how do we overcome this? How do we get past this obstacle of our insecurities? Am I going to face my fear (of going to ask the crush what they think of us) or do I just let this crush slide. Because obviously, if he doesn't think I'm good enough, then it's pretty much pointless plucking up this courage... Right?

Is it a lack of self control that makes us think like this? That we can't actually control our minds from thinking rationally. And we put our minds through so much pressure thinking in this paradox of "does he like me or not..." As it's a simple yes or no answer. What is there to lose... Right?

Compared to death (yes I'm thinking of the famous Steve Jobs quote) this fear (or obstacle) of asking the crush about any sort of relationship related question, it seems like nothing, right? Well... Anything compared to death is a minor. But why do we still think irrationally?

"it's like I'm paranoid, looking over my back; it's like a whirlwind, inside of my head".

On an uplifting note; check out the sunset from today; taken at Leeds Train Station :)

~ xoxo

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Monday, 23 January 2012

I freakin' love you... ~

There’s isn’t a day where you don’t cross my mind. You are one of the main reasons why I’m alive right now. You helped me most of my life, and I hope that you’re with me for the rest of my life. You’re so unique to me, different every day. But that’s why I love you. You always make me happy no matter how I’m feeling. I could be having a bad day, but just a few minutes with you makes my day 100% better.

I love you, food.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Gold Accent

Barry M - Mushroom
Barry M - Gold Foil

Why the middle finger? So it looks pretty when I flip someone off ;-)


Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream review ~

"KFDA 3 Functions Certification: Whitening/Wrinkle Improvement/UV Interception SPF25 PA++ Triple effect BB cream keeps skin more resilient and brilliant with natural ingredients improving skin into glossy and sleek status, more completely protecting skin exposed to UV rays. Ideal for dry/combination skin that needs whitening and wrinkle improvement, the Oriental Gold BB cream replenishes skin’s much needed moisture and nutrients to keep it baby-smooth and flawless. Packs 10 beauty benefits in a jar, this also comes with a lip and cheek cream in dusty rose. The oriental tea blending ingredients including White Tea, Green Tea and Black Tea keep skin brighter and firmer. Two patent ingredients of The Oriental Tea Newplex and Natural Complex Extract keep skin healthy by protecting skin from outer harmful substances. Directions: BB Cream: Use it proper quantity on the area of your face like patting at the last step of skin care. Creamy Touch Color Lip & Cheek: Apply proper amount to both cheek and spread it with fingers even over the lip."

My Opinion

I bought this from, and I was really impressed as it was delivered within the same week of purchase. I'm definitely going to buy my next Beauty products from there! x)
The BB Cream consists of two parts, the BB Cream and the Rosy lip/cheek tint. I really like the idea of a two-in-one and the fact that there is a mirror too, so it's pretty neat and handy. I carry this BB Cream in my bag, so I like how I don't need to have extra makeup products in my bag. Plus the product itself looks really interesting, and whenever I use it, I always get comments from people asking what it is. They're always so intrigued!! XD

The lip and cheek colour may look very pigmented, but I can assure you that when you apply this, you won't look like you've attended clown college ;P

So this cream colour is light weight and doesn't feel heavy on your skin, and it blends very easily. The only problem with this is that I have oily skin which is prone to breakouts, and this cream colour ends up feeling greasy after a while. So I mainly use this on my lips rather than my cheeks. Yet the colour itself is really pretty and suits many skin tones, so thats a win!

When you take off the cream colour part, you have the BB Cream itself. It comes out of this pump...

I really like the fact that it comes out of a pump, as it is much my hygienic than in a liquid tub. But also that you can take out little amounts and you don't end up with extra product. However that being said, you do not need a whole pump. If you were take out a whole pump of BB Cream, then you have enough product for maybe 3 faces. So be careful when it comes to using the pump!

As you can see, the colour is pretty light. I would REALLY love this product if it came in more shades, especially for southern asian skin. :(

This is the BB Cream blended out on my wrist. You can see that it is quite light, but after a minute or so, it will oxidate to match your skin tone. (well sort of.) It feels very light, and more like a moisturiser than a foundation. As I have oily skin, I was worried that this will break me out, but I'm SO HAPPY that this hasnt caused any breakouts! Woo hoo! I use this BB Cream but I set it with powder, as it does end up looking oily... dewy? I just prefer a mattified surface instead xD I think it could also do with having more coverage, as acne scars can't be hidden very well using this BB Cream.

As you can see, this has oxidized and looks the colour looks relatively close to my skin tone.

Colour : 3/5
Texture : 4/5
Appearance : 5/5
Overall Rating : 4/5.

Would I buy this again? Probably, but I will keep an eye out for a BB Cream that will suit darker skin tones and has a more heavier coverage!

~ xoxo

Saturday, 21 January 2012

You Need Me, I Don't Need You

My Lady Gaga portrait I drew a few years ago.
Time taken: 7 hours ♥


Tumblr is the cure for BOREDOM ~

Awwww why so cute?! ♥

When a black girl says to an Asian ‘isn’t your name suppose to be like ming or lee?’ this should be your answer.

Story of my lifeee



Thursday, 19 January 2012

Dragostea Din Tei

The title of the song I'm listening to
An update of my doodles.

I'm currently designing a tattoo for one of my Uni friends, Rachael. This isn't the final version, but she likes it a lot already! :D Will post up the final piece soon!

If you can't tell, I love drawing cats.

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