Friday, 23 December 2011

Week of 5-9th Dec:


Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting in a while, been uber busy with.... well nothing. University? ;P I think I should post more on what I do at University, and Huddersfield itself. (Oooh that's an idea!) But a lot has happened recently, my studies and personal life so I shall be blogging a bit more after this last week on University. Truthfully I just want this last week to go fast and smoothly, so I can look forward to the Christmas and New Years hlidays! ♥

So anyway, here are some random photos from this week, from University and just my life... enjoy! :D ♥

My amazing 1/4 Chicken with Chips and Garlic Bread from 7/12/11 ; It was one of my friends (Hassnain)'s Birthday. Mmmm Nandos!

From the birthday again, Hassnain (birthday boy), Vinday, Natalie and Me. :D Love these guys. 7/12/11 ♥

His birthday cake!! :D

Thursday night I had a Ladies Sangeet to go to (its like a Pre Wedding thing in Indian culture); and I was so tired that day! But I managed to look okay haha! 8/12/11

Another from the Ladies Sangeet night; My sister-in-law, Me and my Sister 8/12/11 ; I really love this photo :D ♥

So I've gotten back into drawing, but more doodling rather than actual art. I had a stressful week, so drawing is the way I vent out my anger feelings. Some people write, some people talk about it, but I just draw. I've been 'amazing' people with my art work, although I don't know why they're amazed by it, it's just doodling. But oh well. And I've been asked why I don't do actual commissions, and the main reason why I don't do commisions is:

For me to draw for other people, will just make me hate drawing. I draw because it helps me keep my stress levels under control, and I draw what I feel like drawing at that moment. Or if something is interesting and grabs my attention, then I would draw it. Therefore, if someone told me to draw something I didn't want to draw, not only would it look shit, but I wouldn't have felt anything whilst drawing it. I need to feel some sort of motivation or feeling whilst drawing in order for me to put my entire heart into it. Simple

That's about it for this week! But anyway, I have more ideas on what to blog about, plus I'm making like a list of things I want to do in my last week of University 2011. So that will be interesting! :D

Take care all!

~ xoxo

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