Monday, 19 December 2011

Possibly the nicest support I've read in a while... :)

Part of my Journalistic writing module, is to write a 100-200 word paragraph on a topic each week. And this particular topic was about which area of Journalism we would like to go into after gradutation. This is what I wrote:

"My specialist area of Journalism would have to be travel; as I have a huge interest in anything foreign. Whehter it being languages, cultures, music, movies, food - I really love it. The main reason as to why I would love to travel and write about destinations, is because I'm constantly searching for something new and different, that I can then tell others about my experience. I would love to spend a few weeks travelling in a country and then writing about the highlights of my days, hot spots in the area and how the culture is overall. I think that when people read newspapers, they only focus on crime or entertainment news and I find that pretty conventional. Travelling however, is almost like an insight to someone elses country and how its differently perceived. And I think that lacks in our society at the moment, everyone is more concerned how the economy is doing and what is happening politics wise - I just think that writing a travel piece helps someone to escape reality and realise that some things that they worry about in life just doesn't really matter.

I feel that areas such as fashion, music or technology are not exactly my ideal specialist area, I feel that I wouldn't be content doing that for the rest of my life and I don't think that it would help me grow as a person. I couldn't be able to just stay in the UK for the rest of my life being a travel Journalist, I would love to escape and go for an adventure on the other side of the world. From travel journalism, I wish to become more open to other cultures, experiences, customs and help bring that across to others - and also gain more knowledge."

And I received 3 comments from course friends, which really made me feel good! (Thanks sooo much you guys, you know who you are ♥ )

1. "I think you would do very well in travel writing. You have a respect for other cultures, and a great interest in many different aspects and would produce a very good report on the sights, but also the culture you would experience. You never know where travel writing will take you, and on your travels you may find another angle of journalism to become more involved and interested in if your interest in travel begins to wane."

2. "I agree with Debbie, I think you'd make a really good travel writer. It's something really versatile but that requires special skills, which I think you could acquire due to your knowledge and respect of other cultures."

3. "You seem really passionate about different cultures which is lovely to read, the comment you made- 'I'm constantly searching for something new and different, that I can then tell others about my experience' conveys that you dont just want to travel for your own personal experience, you also want to share your journey with others.
I'm certain that travelling would be an amazing experience and you would get a lot of inspiration from doing so."

They may not be really really....appraisal-ish, but I'm just happy because of the support, and the fact that people (other than myself) believe that I can do this.

~ xoxo

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