Tuesday, 27 December 2011

One of my fave Photo editing apps... ~

There are so many apps that you can use for editing photos on your iPod, but there are ones that do jobs that others don't. You may want to just adjust the colour and then add a frame, or add a filter and blur the background. BUT is there an app that does all of these things, and possibly more?! *gasp*. Well there is the trial and error process to find this perfect app, right? Meaning to install numerous photo editing apps, and seeing whether or not it performs to your expectations...right? Except, I've already saved you the hassle of this trial and error method... (yes, I really am that nice :P)

So, let me present to you, Mei Tu Xiu Xiu app! (The red app)

Don't let it throw you off because it's in another language, because seriously, it is so easy to use! And after using many filter apps, I can say that this is probably on my top 3 fave apps. I use this for all of my photos (you know, to make them look a lot nicer :P) before I upload them to Facebook. And the thing I like about it is, the fact you can edit a photo wherever you are. And you don't need to upload photos on to your computer and edit them in Photoshop or something. So it makes life a lot easier :)

So this will be a step by step guide on how to use this app, and hopefully it will make your experience pleasant :)
Firstly, load up the app. and you will be presented with this screen.

Now tap the red option button, this will take you straight to editing your chosen photo. The green option will take you to another editing thing, where you can select multiple photos and put them into a frame. But for this tutorial, I will be using the red option.

You will then be taken to another screen, where you can select an existing photo from your gallery (the flower photo icon) or take a photo there and then (the camera lens icon). I will be choosing a photo from my gallery.

Yeah, I tend to store a lot of photos. And it's mostly makeup photos, or my cat, or of myself... *blushes*.
So now, I have selected my photo that I will be editing. Take a look at the options at the bottom. The filter option I will be using is the 4th icon. It looks like a wand... or a matchstick thats been set alight :S wtf.

After you tap that icon, you will be brought to this. It has a lot of different filters:
LOMO tab : Has a lot of awesome filters.
2nd tab : Has awesome filters too, but I don't really use them all.
3rd tab: It has filters that contain those circle things... snow flakes, and little graphics like that. They look cool depending on the photo, but I don't really use them.

I've now selected my preferred filter, and I tend to use this filter for majority of my photos. Just because it makes the photo look warm and makes me look tan... I guess? LOL wtf.

When you have chosen your selected filter, you tap the green tick in the top right corner. And then to save the photo to your iPhone / iPod, you will have to tap the icon in the top right corner. This will bring you to a list of options.

Tap the yellow / orange button to save the photo. As for the other three icons... I have no idea what they do.. :P
And obviously, to navigate back you just tap the top left icon several times, and you will be back to the app's home screen.

So this is the finished photo :)

I hope you found this tutorial the slightest bit helpful, and will like this app as much as I do :D

~ xoxo

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