Monday, 26 December 2011

Epic Meal Time Christmas :P ~

Merry (late) Christmas everyone! Sorry I didn't say it yesterday, I was too busy.... having an Epic Meal Time ;D
My brother is so obsessed with Epic Meal Time, that he even opted to make FOOD for everyone, as long as it was covered in bacon strips and about 1ft tall... Wow isn't that amazing, a guy making food?! LOL :P I'm just joking, but still it definitely surprised me.
For those of you who are unaware of Epic Meal Time... well just YouTube it. It has to be one of the best YouTube channels ever made! Yeah, I like watching them throw 200,000+ calories into a big dough ball and then watch them eat it O_O as disgusting as it may sound, it's quite appetising to me. More so that after watching an episode, I end up feeling the need to dive into a greasy Pepperoni pizza or something unhealthy yet satisfying :P
Anyway, we had one large turkey that was plain (for my sister, dad and grandad and other brother, because they don't eat Bacon), then we had a large Pork leg, and the most exciting thing...

This was cumberland sausages, covered in a (thick) layer of Chicken fillets, and then wrapped in a thick layer of bacon strips...

More photos of the process... :D

When I said I couldn't eat anymore... wtf

So what did I get for Christmas??

Jelly Beans! But my sister keeps them with her... and I'm sure they've almost finished and I've had around 10 :/

Cream Soda... My brother actually gave me this and it was wrapped up and everything. I was totally convinced that it was just a toilet paper roll that was wrapped up, until I picked it up haha. I've never had this drink before so it's cool. :D

White chocolate with multicoloured sprinkles... I'm not really keen on white chocolate so my sister sad she will swap hers with mine. (She got the same but in milk chocolate)

Moneyyy! I got £80 so that's pretty cool. Truthfully I wasn't expecting any money at all, so this was a pleasant surprise :)

Afterall, I wasn't really expecting to get anything as a present, considering I have everything that I need anyway :) so I'm still grateful of what I got :) and spending time with my family was the best part of the whole day. The past 3 months of Uni has made it difficult for me to actually spend a lot of time with them, so this was a great day :D

I hope your Christmas was awesome :) and here is a photo I took with my sisters new camera (its freakin amazing)

~ xoxo

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