Friday, 23 December 2011

10 Things I'd Like for Christmas..

(but most likely won't get)

As I kinda already have everything that I want, I struggled writing this post. Like, what else do I really want, when I have the things that I need. Anyway, have fun reading through my list of things I probably will never get! :P

1) A bunny rabbit...

Yeah, I already had this talk with my mum a few times now. "Mum, I really want a bunny rabbit". Mum: "What would Nemo do?"... well what would she do?! Play with her... attack her for a bit... play with her again until she gets bored. Sucks, right??

2) Michael Buble's Christmas CD

I am so in love with his voice, and I saw his Xmas Special on ITV the other day. So I guess that is why I suddenly think he is amazing :P haha

3) Canon EOS 5D Mark II

I don't know why but I just want this camera, it's awesome :P no doubt it will just be used for the sake of taking photos of myself wtf.

4) People to just be happy

Yeah it isn't really a material thing that can be bought with money, but it's just something I'd like. I just want people to be happy, with themselves, their lives and what they have. Even if it's just for Christmas, (although I'd rather if they carried on this happiness through their lives), it would be great to put their problems aside and be grateful of their lives so far.

5) For Heroes to come back.

I've realised how much I miss watching Heroes (and sexy Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli, most importantly), it was just an awesome show! Like, there isn't really anything like it being aired right now. Heroes was just too cool...

6) My crush ♥

Nope, no photo for this guy otherwise secret is out ;P but yeah, I want him for Christmas.. and next Christmas, and the Christmas after that... :P :D

7) Some really cute shoes... any of these will do :P

8) Amazing skin, like Cheesie

She's soooo pretty and I would love to have her skin. So jealous xD

9) For KAT-TUN to get back together again (I mean with Jin Akanishi)

I don't know why, but since Jin has left, I have sorta lost interest in KAT-TUN. Not that I'm a Jin fan, but their music hasn't been so amazing since say... D-MOTION. As much as I love KAT-TUN, I wish they would go back to how they were (during the days of CARTOON KAT-TUN) and to continue making music... They were really awesome.. :(

10) Last one, not really possible but I would like to go back. Back and re-do certain events. Said certain things when I should've said them, made more of an effort with certain people... and also to just speak up about how I felt at a certain situation. But I guess I can start doing that now. After all, it is the new year soon, so I can definitely start making better decisions. :)

Merry Christmas everyone :)
~ xoxo

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