Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year ~

2011 was such a crazy year, filled with high and low moments. But I guess without low moments, you can never really appreciate the good. I got into University, I've made new friends, I've also lost friends, I went out on a date or two, I've travelled to new places, and I've also aged a year. Despite all of these changes, I can honestly say that I have changed from the Ravi I was a year ago... In fact, I've changed a lot. But, I guess that is what New Years a meant for. Making changes to better yourself, and be a better person to those around you. A new year, a new you. So here I am, writing this blog entry with my cup of tea and watching Four Lions with my family, enjoying the last 1 hour and 35 minutes of 2011. It's been an interesting year, but I hope next year will bring me (and everyone else) more happiness, success and challenges.

"Stop holding on to what hurts, and make room for what feels good" ♥

Happy New Year everyone :) let's make 2012 a good year ♥

Let go of all the shit that is holding you down, making you upset or overall causing negativity for yourself; and make room for positivity and self improvement. What is in the past is history, it has been done so don't harbor any regrets, appreciate that things have happened. Don't look back on bad times, just remember the good memories and be glad you were able to experience them. Say yes to new opportunities, take risks, make wishes, and do something different everyday :D It's your life, so live it how you want to live it!!

PS: Thank you for following me ♥ I promise I will be posting a lot more this year :) photos; events; places; etc MY LIFEE :D

~ xoxoxoxox

Friday, 30 December 2011

New Years Resolutions ~

During one of my all time low moments (around 3 or 4 weeks ago) I decided to create my New Years Resolutions. Just so that I had a better mind frame to enter 2012 in, and because I was feeling so low, I made these New Years resolutions so that I wouldn't go back to that feeling again. Well maybe, but not feel so low. And plus, they're more of personality and external image changes that I've been wanting to make for a while, and I think it will benefit me :D So anyway, here they are! :D

1 : Grow my hair LONGGGG. I know my hair is quite long as it is, but I want to grow my bangs out, and just have it longg :D like this:

Freakin love Waii ♥

2 : Spend my money WISELY. I really want to save up for future things, so I need to keep my money spending to a limit.!

3 : Put myself first. One fo the things that I do (and I've always been accused on this by my friends) is that I tend to go out of my way for others. But a bit too much. I tend to go out of my way for those that wouldn't generally do it for me in return, which sucks. And also, when something is upsetting me / making me feel like shit, I need to get rid of it. So that I'm happy and worry free

4 : LIVE THE MOMENT! and stop wishing that I was somewhere else. Take advantage of the situation and make the most of it. If it's a boring / dull place I'm in, I should make it happy. Be happy with the current situation and location, and make those that I'm with, happy too :D

5 : Stop giving a FUCK about people's opinions. And just be myself, I'd rather be crazy than boring. If some people think I'm too excited, then fine. But I shouldn't let that bother me, if they can't handle me then they know where to go. ;)

6 : Get involved in a game of pool. Long story short, my Uni friends are SO obsessed with playing pool and they've made a lot of friends through it, and I guess one of my missions is to be involved more with the game and getting to know more people!

7 : Saying YES to an offer / situation. Whether it being going out, meeting people, trying a new recipe, a new restaurant or just hanging with a bunch of different people. What's the worst that can happen? And it could end up being an advantage. I just want new experiences :)

8 : Be open & honest about what I'm thinking and how I'm feeling and then not care about what others will think. And ultimately work on my confidence. Thing is, I can say whatever (I know I can) but it's just getting the words out, I know it's something I need to work on.

9 : BE HAPPY! Because life is amazing, and I need to make the most of my life, especially my University life. I'm only here at Uni for 3 years, so why not enjoy it!?

10 : BLOG MORE!!! I really do need to blog more, and 2012 (hopefully) will be a busier year with more exciting and interesting things to blog about! And obviously for my Journalism course, it's important to blog. So yeah... :D I will hopefully do a 30 day challenge or something (if I can find a good one :P) and that could be in January :D so yeah. More blogs, more to read, and more of me ;P &hearts

Challenge Accepted. (Y)

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Jersey Shore girls w/o Makeup

I'm actually so shocked... well not really shocked, but more pleasantly surprised... LOOK

They all look so pretty without makeup (or unless its minimal makeup) but still. I don't see why they have to put on so much eye makeup whey they look so stunning as it is.

LOOK at Sammi! She looks so much better having more natural makeup...
I just found these all on Tumblr whilst finding some recent pics of Snooki's weight loss, and I HAD to post this... yeah short entry but OMG. Prettyyyy

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

One of my fave Photo editing apps... ~

There are so many apps that you can use for editing photos on your iPod, but there are ones that do jobs that others don't. You may want to just adjust the colour and then add a frame, or add a filter and blur the background. BUT is there an app that does all of these things, and possibly more?! *gasp*. Well there is the trial and error process to find this perfect app, right? Meaning to install numerous photo editing apps, and seeing whether or not it performs to your expectations...right? Except, I've already saved you the hassle of this trial and error method... (yes, I really am that nice :P)

So, let me present to you, Mei Tu Xiu Xiu app! (The red app)

Don't let it throw you off because it's in another language, because seriously, it is so easy to use! And after using many filter apps, I can say that this is probably on my top 3 fave apps. I use this for all of my photos (you know, to make them look a lot nicer :P) before I upload them to Facebook. And the thing I like about it is, the fact you can edit a photo wherever you are. And you don't need to upload photos on to your computer and edit them in Photoshop or something. So it makes life a lot easier :)

So this will be a step by step guide on how to use this app, and hopefully it will make your experience pleasant :)
Firstly, load up the app. and you will be presented with this screen.

Now tap the red option button, this will take you straight to editing your chosen photo. The green option will take you to another editing thing, where you can select multiple photos and put them into a frame. But for this tutorial, I will be using the red option.

You will then be taken to another screen, where you can select an existing photo from your gallery (the flower photo icon) or take a photo there and then (the camera lens icon). I will be choosing a photo from my gallery.

Yeah, I tend to store a lot of photos. And it's mostly makeup photos, or my cat, or of myself... *blushes*.
So now, I have selected my photo that I will be editing. Take a look at the options at the bottom. The filter option I will be using is the 4th icon. It looks like a wand... or a matchstick thats been set alight :S wtf.

After you tap that icon, you will be brought to this. It has a lot of different filters:
LOMO tab : Has a lot of awesome filters.
2nd tab : Has awesome filters too, but I don't really use them all.
3rd tab: It has filters that contain those circle things... snow flakes, and little graphics like that. They look cool depending on the photo, but I don't really use them.

I've now selected my preferred filter, and I tend to use this filter for majority of my photos. Just because it makes the photo look warm and makes me look tan... I guess? LOL wtf.

When you have chosen your selected filter, you tap the green tick in the top right corner. And then to save the photo to your iPhone / iPod, you will have to tap the icon in the top right corner. This will bring you to a list of options.

Tap the yellow / orange button to save the photo. As for the other three icons... I have no idea what they do.. :P
And obviously, to navigate back you just tap the top left icon several times, and you will be back to the app's home screen.

So this is the finished photo :)

I hope you found this tutorial the slightest bit helpful, and will like this app as much as I do :D

~ xoxo

Monday, 26 December 2011

Epic Meal Time Christmas :P ~

Merry (late) Christmas everyone! Sorry I didn't say it yesterday, I was too busy.... having an Epic Meal Time ;D
My brother is so obsessed with Epic Meal Time, that he even opted to make FOOD for everyone, as long as it was covered in bacon strips and about 1ft tall... Wow isn't that amazing, a guy making food?! LOL :P I'm just joking, but still it definitely surprised me.
For those of you who are unaware of Epic Meal Time... well just YouTube it. It has to be one of the best YouTube channels ever made! Yeah, I like watching them throw 200,000+ calories into a big dough ball and then watch them eat it O_O as disgusting as it may sound, it's quite appetising to me. More so that after watching an episode, I end up feeling the need to dive into a greasy Pepperoni pizza or something unhealthy yet satisfying :P
Anyway, we had one large turkey that was plain (for my sister, dad and grandad and other brother, because they don't eat Bacon), then we had a large Pork leg, and the most exciting thing...

This was cumberland sausages, covered in a (thick) layer of Chicken fillets, and then wrapped in a thick layer of bacon strips...

More photos of the process... :D

When I said I couldn't eat anymore... wtf

So what did I get for Christmas??

Jelly Beans! But my sister keeps them with her... and I'm sure they've almost finished and I've had around 10 :/

Cream Soda... My brother actually gave me this and it was wrapped up and everything. I was totally convinced that it was just a toilet paper roll that was wrapped up, until I picked it up haha. I've never had this drink before so it's cool. :D

White chocolate with multicoloured sprinkles... I'm not really keen on white chocolate so my sister sad she will swap hers with mine. (She got the same but in milk chocolate)

Moneyyy! I got £80 so that's pretty cool. Truthfully I wasn't expecting any money at all, so this was a pleasant surprise :)

Afterall, I wasn't really expecting to get anything as a present, considering I have everything that I need anyway :) so I'm still grateful of what I got :) and spending time with my family was the best part of the whole day. The past 3 months of Uni has made it difficult for me to actually spend a lot of time with them, so this was a great day :D

I hope your Christmas was awesome :) and here is a photo I took with my sisters new camera (its freakin amazing)

~ xoxo

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Dear crush, don't be scared if a fat guy in a red suit snatches you away today. Sincerely, you were on my Christmas list


Friday, 23 December 2011

10 Things I'd Like for Christmas..

(but most likely won't get)

As I kinda already have everything that I want, I struggled writing this post. Like, what else do I really want, when I have the things that I need. Anyway, have fun reading through my list of things I probably will never get! :P

1) A bunny rabbit...

Yeah, I already had this talk with my mum a few times now. "Mum, I really want a bunny rabbit". Mum: "What would Nemo do?"... well what would she do?! Play with her... attack her for a bit... play with her again until she gets bored. Sucks, right??

2) Michael Buble's Christmas CD

I am so in love with his voice, and I saw his Xmas Special on ITV the other day. So I guess that is why I suddenly think he is amazing :P haha

3) Canon EOS 5D Mark II

I don't know why but I just want this camera, it's awesome :P no doubt it will just be used for the sake of taking photos of myself wtf.

4) People to just be happy

Yeah it isn't really a material thing that can be bought with money, but it's just something I'd like. I just want people to be happy, with themselves, their lives and what they have. Even if it's just for Christmas, (although I'd rather if they carried on this happiness through their lives), it would be great to put their problems aside and be grateful of their lives so far.

5) For Heroes to come back.

I've realised how much I miss watching Heroes (and sexy Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli, most importantly), it was just an awesome show! Like, there isn't really anything like it being aired right now. Heroes was just too cool...

6) My crush ♥

Nope, no photo for this guy otherwise secret is out ;P but yeah, I want him for Christmas.. and next Christmas, and the Christmas after that... :P :D

7) Some really cute shoes... any of these will do :P

8) Amazing skin, like Cheesie

She's soooo pretty and I would love to have her skin. So jealous xD

9) For KAT-TUN to get back together again (I mean with Jin Akanishi)

I don't know why, but since Jin has left, I have sorta lost interest in KAT-TUN. Not that I'm a Jin fan, but their music hasn't been so amazing since say... D-MOTION. As much as I love KAT-TUN, I wish they would go back to how they were (during the days of CARTOON KAT-TUN) and to continue making music... They were really awesome.. :(

10) Last one, not really possible but I would like to go back. Back and re-do certain events. Said certain things when I should've said them, made more of an effort with certain people... and also to just speak up about how I felt at a certain situation. But I guess I can start doing that now. After all, it is the new year soon, so I can definitely start making better decisions. :)

Merry Christmas everyone :)
~ xoxo

Week of 5-9th Dec:


Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting in a while, been uber busy with.... well nothing. University? ;P I think I should post more on what I do at University, and Huddersfield itself. (Oooh that's an idea!) But a lot has happened recently, my studies and personal life so I shall be blogging a bit more after this last week on University. Truthfully I just want this last week to go fast and smoothly, so I can look forward to the Christmas and New Years hlidays! ♥

So anyway, here are some random photos from this week, from University and just my life... enjoy! :D ♥

My amazing 1/4 Chicken with Chips and Garlic Bread from 7/12/11 ; It was one of my friends (Hassnain)'s Birthday. Mmmm Nandos!

From the birthday again, Hassnain (birthday boy), Vinday, Natalie and Me. :D Love these guys. 7/12/11 ♥

His birthday cake!! :D

Thursday night I had a Ladies Sangeet to go to (its like a Pre Wedding thing in Indian culture); and I was so tired that day! But I managed to look okay haha! 8/12/11

Another from the Ladies Sangeet night; My sister-in-law, Me and my Sister 8/12/11 ; I really love this photo :D ♥

So I've gotten back into drawing, but more doodling rather than actual art. I had a stressful week, so drawing is the way I vent out my anger feelings. Some people write, some people talk about it, but I just draw. I've been 'amazing' people with my art work, although I don't know why they're amazed by it, it's just doodling. But oh well. And I've been asked why I don't do actual commissions, and the main reason why I don't do commisions is:

For me to draw for other people, will just make me hate drawing. I draw because it helps me keep my stress levels under control, and I draw what I feel like drawing at that moment. Or if something is interesting and grabs my attention, then I would draw it. Therefore, if someone told me to draw something I didn't want to draw, not only would it look shit, but I wouldn't have felt anything whilst drawing it. I need to feel some sort of motivation or feeling whilst drawing in order for me to put my entire heart into it. Simple

That's about it for this week! But anyway, I have more ideas on what to blog about, plus I'm making like a list of things I want to do in my last week of University 2011. So that will be interesting! :D

Take care all!

~ xoxo
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