Monday, 25 May 2015

Eurovision 2015 Makeup Tutorials & Thoughts

Let me start this post off by saying: I absolutely love Eurovision. I think it's such a big, happy and cheesy contest which allows the European countries to share their cultures in the form of music, dancing and fashion.
I always look forward to it every year and I definitely want to go next year where it'll be hosted in Sweden! Well, at least I'll try to plan to go, so far, it's just a dream!

So this year I decided to make the most out of my YouTube channel and create some Eurovision contestant makeup looks. After watching the first semi finals, I saw a few makeup looks that I thought looked absolutely beautiful and obviously I decided to recreate them.

Elina Born - 1/2 duo from Estonia:

Debrah Scarlett - 1/2 duo from Norway:

And obviously, the Queen Conchita Wurst:

These are the makeup looks that I created, and feel free to check out the videos and subscribe to my channel!

So, onto the thoughts of Eurovision 2015:

Firstly, I have to say that I loved Conchita Wurst being one of the hosts of this year's Eurovision, she's excellent and oozes personality and stage presence. And let's not forget to mention, she looks bloody amazing! Her makeup, hair and fashion was on point and I would love to see her co-host future Eurovision Contests!

Generally when it comes to Eurovision, I love songs that have some sort of authentic sound to it; for example Armenia's 2008 entry Sirusho - 'Qele Qele'. I absolutely loved that song and still to this day, I keep up with her updates as I like the sound of her other songs too!
The authentic sound really wasn't there this year, as there were quite a few power ballads - which aren't really my preferred choice. There were excellent voices there, don't get me wrong, but none really stood out to me.
On the topic of authentic songs though (before I list my favourites), one song that I literally listened to for two days straight was Israel's entry ' Golden Boy. I love that song still, I think it has a certain sound to it and is definitely one to make you dance!

Here are my favourite songs from this year's contest:

Elina Born & Stig Rästa - Goodbye To Yesterday (Estonia) -

Bojana Stamenov - Beauty Never Lies (Serbia) - 

Nadav Guedj - Golden Boy (Israel) -

Aminata - Love Injected (Latvia) -

Edurne - Amancer (Spain) -

Loïc Nottet - Rhythm Inside (Belgium) - 

Guy Sebastian - Tonight Again (Australia) -

Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes (Sweden) -

So these were my favourite entries from this year's Eurovision and definitely the songs that will stick with me.

If I were to think back to last year's, the songs that stuck out to me were:
Conchita Wurst - Rise Like A Phoenix
Sebalter - Hunter Of Stars - I loved the whistling in that!
Aram MP3 - Not Alone

Those are songs that I still love listening to, but let's not forget Loreen's Euphoria. That is probably one of the most memorable songs for me and that was a definite winner!

I think I'm rambling on too much in this post, but I just wanted to blog about it. I absolutely cannot wait for next year's Eurovision and if I'm lucky enough, I'll end up going and seeing all of the performances in action!

I hope you you guys enjoyed this post, it's a bit of beauty and lifestyle I guess :P

Take care x

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Reaching 500,000 Views

Okay, so I'm sat on the laptop (not literally) looking at this box and not sure what to write.

It's been 3 and nearly a half years since I started this blog - which was meant to be an outlet for my thoughts and opinions on the world as I was too shy to vlog on YouTube. I remember starting this blog and taking it pretty seriously as the lecturers in my first year of University said it would be a great way of showing "commitment" and "hard work" (imagine that being said along with a fist in the air kinda motion). 
And well, I have managed to keep it up…. Kinda

This blog has been ever so lucky for me over the years, it's lead me to plenty of new experiences, new friends and contacts and new stories. And in turn, I've used it to share my journey in life so far. Although YouTube has become my favourite platform recently but you guys know the deal with that. 
YouTube was my original plan. You're probably wondering, "Why did you start a blog then?"

Back in 2011 I had the crappest confidence and self esteem levels - and I don't mean to make this blog post an absolute downer. Believe me, there's a bright side to this post! I've always wanted to make videos and be on a screen, and after seeing my favourite YouTubers like Ray William Johnson, Shane Dawson and Michelle Phan do it, I obviously wanted to do it.
I was obviously shy and I just couldn't do it. But I was perfectly fine blogging, writing, putting a pen to paper. So blogging was my main outlet.

I remember posting up blog posts to do with my University life, and then gradually I found my favourite topic to blog about - beauty. And a real turning point for my blog was when I blogged about my acne story. Along with it being a new topic to talk about, it was a sort of self acceptance for me. In the past during high school and college, I'd always disliked having acne - and I never really saw blog posts of videos about having acne. So writing about it, I felt like I was helping others as well as coming to terms with how I feel in my own skin. I was also on TV for the blog post too, which helped to boost my confidence a bit too :)

Fast forward to 2013, I knew that if I wanted to get over my fear of talking to a camera and building up confidence, I had to just do it. The first time is always the hardest, but it gets easier from there. And that's the main advice I can give to someone who wants to start a blog, YouTube channel, or any other kind of career path/hobby.
I filmed a few silent videos, but my first talking video was about the Beauty Blender.
I sat on the floor near the side of my bed, talking about the Beauty Blender and I quickly posted it up. I got like 40 views and for me, that was a really big thing! Gradually as I posted more videos, the views went up. 
Sure, YouTube is filled with internet trolls and assholes who are wanted to put others down, but for the most part, YouTube is a friendly community. I've learned a lot from YouTube; editing methods, different camera lenses and how to use them better, and how to make sure my opinions are seen by more and more people.

Whilst I'm not too far from 500,000 views on YouTube, my blog views are definitely more rewarding. I remember during 2012 I'd come home from University at around 8pm and I'd still make sure to blog everyday. I love writing and blogging. But at the same time, I love challenges! I love how I've always got something to improve and work on my YouTube videos.

I've not forgotten about my blog at all, in fact it's been a very huge stepping stone for where I am now :)

Thank you for 500,000 views guys!

I will try to blog every now and then - and share some photos with you all. But for now, YouTube is my current platform :)


Wednesday, 8 April 2015

An Updated Full Foundation Routine & How To Cover Acne Scarring And Dark Under Eyes

It's been a while since I've posted a full coverage foundation routine, which is currently a 'majority of the week' kinda makeup. Even though the weather has quickly become more warmer and pleasant, I've still been rocking a full coverage foundation routine - which may sound pretty gross!

But not to worry, it doesn't feel or look gross! Well I sure as hell hope it doesn't look gross… The products that I've used are quite thin in consistency and texture, so you won't get that caked up feeling.

[scroll down to see the products that I've used and how I've used them]

I know on camera it looks like my skin has really improved and cleared up (which it has and I'm happy), I do still have stubborn scarring which aren't as visible on camera!

So, on to the products that I used:

[Off camera:]

Apple Cider Vinegar - 
My all healthy, natural and organic toner has worked wonders for my skin and is the reason why my skin has improved so much. I really recommend using ACV as a toner, as it helps to regulate the Ph balance in the skin.
Embroylisse Lait Creme Concentre -
I've been digging this moisturiser for the past two/three months as it helps to restore moisture in to my skin - which can appear dull and dehydrated at times.
It's a little on the pricey side, but I definitely think it's worth it as it doesn't break me out and doesn't contain parabens!

Face base:
Maybelline FIT Me Foundation & NARS Sheer Glow - 
I've been loving using these two foundations as a combination to make my perfect match. I love the consistency of both foundations as they're quite light in texture but provide excellent coverage. They both have a skin like finish. But whilst the NARS Sheer Glow is my all time favourite foundation, the Maybelline FIT Me foundation can be a bit sloppy on oily skin types - but mixing the two together and setting with a powder, helps to keep it all in place all day.

Vasanti Liquid Concealer - V3 -
This is another light weight, skin-like finish concealer that blends in seamlessly! V3 is a salmony warm shade which helps to conceal any acne scarring that is still peaking through the foundation.
It gives excellent coverage while still remaining light in texture.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NW30 -
I remember purchasing the NC30 concealer during my first year of university, and while I did really like it, it didn't do much for my under eyes. It was quite yellow and shadows did peek through the layer of concealer. However, I bought NW30 earlier this year and it is definitely my most used concealer of all time - I'm not even exaggerating.
It just really helps to neutralise my dark under eyes and makes me look a lot brighter and wide eyed - and not to mention the coverage and lasting power is really ideal for someone who likes their makeup to last at least 8 hours in a day.

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer - Tan -
I dabbed a bit of this over the NW30, just to balance out the salmon colour of the concealer. It also gives great coverage too, so I guess it's like making sure my under eyes are nicely concealed.

Maybelline FIT Me Powder -
If you've been watching my YouTube videos for a while, you will know that this is the only powder that I use to set my makeup. The shade is fantastic, it keeps my makeup looking matte and is brilliant to set my under eyes. And the fact that it's very affordable is a big plus too!

Makeup Revolution Blush Stick - Matte Malibu -
A lot of people have been comparing the matte sticks to the NARS Multiple sticks that you can use for contouring - and while I don't know much about the latter, I definitely love the Makeup Revolution version.
I love using a few dabs of this to contour my face and slim down my cheeks. This too, is very affordable, blends really nicely and stays put all day. I'd say the colour can look a little orangey, but can look great if blended out well!

Coastal Scents Blush & Eyeshadow Palette -
My sister bought me this awesome palette a few weeks ago, and I have really been loving it! 
For this look, I used a neutral medium brown eyeshadow to define my crease and brushed it along my lower lash line. I then added a rusty shimmery shade to the inner two thirds of my eyelid as a pop of colour. But I blended it out to be more of a tint of colour, rather than it being too obvious.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Eyeliner -
This eyeliner is absolutely amazing. Hands down, my favourite liquid eyeliner as it stays put all day, the thin brush makes it really easy to apply and you can create very thin lines.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara -
This mascara is definitely one of my favourites as it works wonders on my small lashes. I love the mascara wand, as the curve fits my eye perfectly and the little bristles really cling on to every lash. Even my lower lashes look like Ive got extensions on after two applications of this.

Rimmel London Lip Liner - Spice & Makeup Revolution Lipstick - Kiss 2 Make Up -
I love this combination as it's a natural daytime lipstick colour, which doesn't look too dramatic or heavy. Recently I've been loving nude coloured lipsticks or lipstick combinations, and this is a combination I've been wearing a lot!

So guys, that is an updated full coverage makeup look (along with a makeup routine I've been wearing a lot recently!)
I hope you guys liked this post, and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos.


Monday, 23 February 2015

TRICK: How To Use Red Lipstick As An Under Eye Concealer

Red Lipstick. 
It can transform anyone from looking simple and chic, to glam and elegant. 
We've seen many celebrities sport a classic red lip during award shows, red carpet events and on television… And some wear it better than others. (By 'others', I mean myself)

Personally I've not really been a big fan of a ruby red lipstick, I'm not sure why but I never thought it'd suit me. But hey, I bought one. In fact, I have a few red lipsticks sitting in my makeup collection.

But who knew a red lipstick was so practical? 
You can use your favourite red lipstick for colour on your lips, but also to hide those pesky dark under eye circles or blemishes you might have.

How does it work?
Normally to correct dark under eyes and pigmentation, you'd use a salmon coloured concealer - or in my case, my trusty NW30 Studio Finish concealer. And the salmon colour helps to counteract any darkness.
Similarly, the red lipstick can help to counteract any redness - although, it may show up slightly more red on parr skin tones. It's best to use a small amount, rather than swiping it directly on your skin, and blend it out around the eye (and take it up towards the inner corner of the eye and side of the nose). 
I've seen many people use a red or an orange lipstick as a corrector, and it all depends on your skin tone and how dark your trouble areas are!

To see how I used the red lipstick as an under eye concealer, the video is below.
For this video, I used my favourite red lipstick, 'Screen Siren' by Topshop. 
P.S: I love Topshop lipsticks, so creamy and pigmented. Amazing!

I hope you guys liked this little makeup trick and thank you for reading :)


Saturday, 7 February 2015


As Valentines Day is just round the corner, many of us are finding last minute presents for our boyfriends, fiances, or husbands, booking that perfect restaurant or holiday getaway. But most importantly, we're looking for that perfect outfit. 

I personally think that it's nice to dress up for Valentines Day - although it is 'just another day' - but why not? Regardless if you're spending your Valentines Day dining in a bustling city, exploring another country or having a romantic dinner at home; do it in style.

I recently received an email about a glamorous fashion brand called Raishma, which specialises in beautiful garments from cocktail dresses, to Indian bridal dresses and even accessories including hand beaded clutch bags. The one thing that really appeals to me about this brand is that there is a hint of Indian style infused within each fashion piece. With the choices, the colours and the carefully embroidered beads on each piece, I think there is a dress that will cater to every girls taste!

After having a very long search around the website, I selected 5 gorgeous dresses which I think would be perfect for Valentines Day! 

This stunning cocktail dress is a piece I wouldn't normally wear, but I thought of a few different ways to wear this dress and I have to admit, I was convinced.

I would this dress with a dainty diamante silver necklace with matching studs, with a pair of black thin strap heels. For the hair, I think a a lovely half updo with curls would suit this outfit.
For the makeup; a dewy flawless complexion, a hint of peach blusher, lashings of mascara and to finish off, a sheer layer of a rosy lipgloss/lipstick.

When I first saw this, I initially thought 'Grecian Goddess', as this dress is quite minimal in style and colour, but looks amazing. This piece would be most suited at a classy restaurant or a Valentines Day ball, as it has such elegance to it.

Similar to the picture, this dress would be paired with beige open toe heels. I feel that the jewellery can be experimented with, so long statement earrings would suit the neckline of this dress. Also, chunky bangles and rings would be a great option. However no necklace, as that would definitely take the attention off the style of this dress. For the hair, I think flowing loose curls would look beautiful!
For the makeup; I wouldn't suggest anything bold or dramatic as that wouldn't suit the dress. But that doesn't mean your makeup has to look plain! 
I would suggest a dewey and glowing complexion - so that means highlight, illuminating liquids and a light foundation. Also, emphasis on contouring would help balance out the face as the eye makeup is quite subtle.  For the eyes, a light champagne shimmer on the lids and a matte cork coloured brown in the crease for a bit of definition. I also feel that brown eyeliner is a great option as black may look a little harsh, topped with a few coats of mascara and finished off with a peachy/bronze lipstick.

This beautiful tassel dress is quite unique in design - the tassels and the embroidery - but I love it as it's a dress that you'll be able to pair up with the majority of accessories. It's kinda like an LBD but in Navy, and I think that it looks so elegant. 

I feel that you'll be able to be a little bold with this dress, so you can wear this with chunky black high heels (I'm thinking suede heels as 'Matte' would be a great theme for this look), or even suede coloured suede heels. Also, a black biker jacket and a small beige satchel bag would look cute!
For the makeup, I think the 'Matte' theme will definitely work with this dress. A flawless matte complexion (preferable NARS Sheer Glow as that dries matte but looks very natural), with a bit of matte contouring to define the cheekbones. For the eyes, I feel like a bold matte charcoal smokey eye would be appropriate, with lots of mascara and a dab of a nude lipgloss on top of a flesh toned lipliner filled lips.

I absolutely love the colour of this dress, as it's such a bright and summery colour - which is what we all need right now during this cold weather! I love the embroidery on the shoulders and how minimalistic the dress is, but it just looks so pretty. 
I feel like gold heels would suit this dress as it compliments the pattern on the shoulders, and gold bangles, earrings would definitely suit too!
For the makeup, I think that golds and pinks would look amazing! A dewy complexion with a soft highlight to give the face a bit of radiance. Perhaps a soft gold shimmer on the lids, a coat of mascara, a light dusting of pink blusher on the cheeks and a beautiful bold hot pink lip to finish off the face.

This final dress definitely caught my eye, as it's much more than just a Little Black Dress. I love the half sleeve as it gives room for chunky bangles, the plunging neckline at the back is gorgeous and definitely needs to be shown off, with the hair in an elegant updo.

With the hair in an updo - maybe a loose bun or a slightly messy bun - long earrings are definitely a must with this dress. The great thing with a black dress is that either silver or gold jewellery pieces are allowed. I think silver statement earrings would look elegant along with a silver rings and beige nail polish. I think strappy black high heels would look lovely, but flat shoes will also look great too!

For the makeup, I'm thinking a classic Nigella Lawson meets Gizzi Erskine. Flawless skin, winged eyeliner, lots of mascara and a very nude lip. But I also think a berry lip would look lovely for those who are a bit daring!

I hope you guys liked this blog post, and feel free to have a look around Raishma as they have such beautiful dresses, and I'm sure you will find your desired Valentines Day date dress!