Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Dyeing My Hair Tulip & Your Questions ANSWERED

Hey everyone :)

It's been a while since I last posted, but now I am back for good! :) On Saturday evening, I decided to make use of my tub of La Riche Directions in the shade 'Tulip'. It has been waiting to be used since November, oh how time flies!

This time, I decided to film some of the colouring process and I also answered a lot of the questions that I've been receiving recently. Most of the questions were about the visibility of the colour and how vibrant the colour turns out on dark hair. Luckily for you guys, I used the hair dye on my dark brown hair, so this is an honest view and opinion on the hair dye. 
(Video is at the end of this post :))

As you guys can see, in the sunlight my hair is super bright, vibrant and rich in colour! I absolutely love this hair colour, although it is more on the reddish side and I preferred more of a pink/purple shade like 'Cerise'. 
I will probably use the dye Cerise in a month or two as I prefer that colour so much more! 

Here is the video for you guys, and I hope this answers your questions about the hair dye :)

Thank you for watching! 
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~ xoxo

Sunday, 6 April 2014

This is possibly the hardest week of my life


I have to submit my 8,500 word Case Study (like a dissertation, except it isn't… but it kinda is). For the past three weeks, I have been working non stop on both this Case Study and my practical project - which is done and dusted, phew! But I know this week will prove to be a real test as I have a lotttt of editing and organising to do, and printing too. Eugh, I dislike printing for some reason. 
But after this week, I will be able to relax a bit - before starting final essay - but the rest of my work is due in May so I guess I can spend a bit more time working on that over the remaining two/three weeks :)

Anyway, the main point of this post is to inform you guys that for this week (and maybe the weekend), I will be MIA. On here, my YouTube and (possibly) Instagram. Although I am trying to post on Instagram everyday with the #100HappyDays challenge! So don't expect anything on this blog and YouTube channel as I am giving my full attention to my work :)

Nonetheless, after next weekend, I will be back with videos, product reviews, tags (that I've been tagged in since like February… yeah, I know!) and a favourites post/video because I still haven't done one for March yet. Oops.

Take care guys!

~ xoxo

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I guess I'm not really sure what to feel right now

So as you guys may know (from trending topics on Twitter and Facebook), How I Met your Mother ended last night with it's 1 hour season finale. And let me tell you… I don't know how to feel.
I watched it several hours ago whilst it aired in America, and it's currently 10:37am here in the UK. I've gone to sleep and I've woke up and not I'm writing this. 
Now, I've been watching the show for over 3 years now - so I wasn't a die hard fan from the start *gasp*. 
But I've grown to really love the show, like really love the show. I mean, I'm making HIMYM references in the middle of eating my lectures, I'm talking about you "Major Trouble".
So after watching the show for this long, I'm really fond of the characters - and I definitely will miss them!

How I'm feeling about last night's episode - WARNING: SPOILERS!:
- Before the mother came onto the scene in Season 8, I really did want Ted and Robin back together. Like, despite her getting along so well with Barney, I just shipped Robin and Ted.
- Until the mother came along, who we later find out has the same initials as Ted, she's called Tracy McDonnell. I thought the mother and Ted were amazing together… like they really suited. So after she came into the scene in the 'Something New' episode, I really shipped the mother and Ted.

- Playing the 'she got sick and died' card made me so damn emotional. Like I kinda expected that because there was a lot of foreshadowing in the previous episodes i.e: the mother saying to ted "I don't want you to be living in your stories". And why was Ted telling his kids how he met their mother eh?
- When Robin went to the last-apartment party and started getting emotional over Ted and the mother, I thought: "Here we go again!"
- P.S: It broke my heart when Robin was confessing her love for him in the last episode and Ted was like, "I'm not that guy anymore"
- But I'm really glad Ted got her in the end! 
- I guess the judge/baby story lines are all that Marshall and Lily have I guess. I would've liked to have seen them do something a bit more.
- Maybe a baby was what Barney needed all along… and since Robin couldn't give that to him, well… I guess that's a reason to why they divorced.
- I didn't like Robin's hair in the final shot! Why?! Her hair was perfectly fine in the other scenes! But, I loved Lily's hair, especially with the full fringe (announcing baby number 3)

I can understand a lot of people getting annoyed or upset about it ending like this, because it's taken 9 Seasons for this one storyline. But at the same time, I'm glad they got back together and he had the kids' approval. I'm sure most people (if not everyone) will agree with me that we've learned some hard hitting life lessons just from watching the show. I guess it's just being able to relate to the characters so well and that they've gone through normal things that everyone else goes through, that made the show really awesome. 

And by the way, the ending had been filmed at the start of the show - so back in Season 1… David Henrie and the other girl knew the ending all along?! Surely that must've been so hard to keep to themselves!

One other thing, I guess this was a little foreshadowed too. In an episode, Marshall bet that Robin and Ted would be together, and he still hadn't paid Lily. (I think that episode was No Pressure)?

I really hope How I Met Your Dad kicks off sometime soon and that is just as good as HIMYM! 

~ xoxo

Monday, 31 March 2014

Chit Chat Catchup: Kittens, Mothers Day & New Products

Hey everyone :)

I know it's been quite a while since I last posted a lengthy chit chat type of blog post, and I figured that it's time to do so! 
As you guys may (or may not) know, next week on Friday, I will be submitting my two main deadlines for my final year - which is why I haven't been writing blog posts or sitting down to create many YouTube videos. I have so much to blog and chat about but this has a higher priority at the moment! 
However, if any of you guys want to be kept in the loop of my life, then do follow me on my Twitter and Instagram as I post on there at least everyday!

So it was Mothers Day in the UK yesterday, so I went home for the weekend - which was really nice considering I hadn't been home in over a month! It was an overdue trip and I really enjoyed it!!

On Saturday evening, we went to my sister's place as it was my brother-in-law's 29th birthday. We had a bit of a get together and it was really lovely to see everyone again :) My sister made her husband an awesome birthday cake in the shape of the Leeds United T-shirt:

She said she spent around two days on it (I think?) and tried to get the logo as close to the original as she could! The cake went down a treat, not only did it look really awesome but it tasted amazing as usual. 

 A little pixelated but it's a nice picture :) I think I look a bit older than her here though… *hides*

For the past two weeks, my mum has been sending me photos of baby kittens! Turns out, my auntie's cat had three kittens two weeks ago and that has been the main big thing lately. So I made sure that we went to see them when I was back home - I mean, who can resist seeing new born kittens that are just crawling about and squeaking when they want their mum?!

At this age, they were still in their little bed and snuggling up with each other :) It was so adorable to watch! I have a video too which I put on my Instagram, so do check that out if you want to see a sleepy kitten enjoying a good head rub!

For Mother's Day - which was a little rushed as my sister headed off to Manchester in the evening for her week holiday to Sharm el Sheikh (lucky!) - we got her a card and a present :) 

My mum and I also went to my grandmas too and bought her a large vegetable pizza!

My mum was clearly looking at the screen rather than the camera lens haha :)

Moving on to the products, I have been gifted with a variety of beauty and skincare items from my sister - and I am so so so lucky to have been given them :) 
The FM Cosmetics products have been tried before by my sister, and she gave them to me as I wanted to try them - and maybe use them all :P I've been wanting a close-to Organic foundation and FM Cosmetics are all 100% mineral so why not :) I was given the Silicone base primer, CC Color and Care Powder, and the Second Skin Foundation :)
As my sister is a seller for Neal's Yard Remedies, she also gave me a few (more) samples of the Wild Rose Beauty Balm and the Scrub. She also gave me the hair mask and the Beautiful Skin Tea! I tried the tea last night, and I think it's so sweet (but if you brew it too much, it gets a little bitter). 

I came across an Organic skincare brand called Ravenscourt Apothecary on Etsy, and I loved the look of their soaps! As you guys know, I am using Organic skincare now (my makeup collection is sort of getting there…) and I've been on the hunt for Organic soaps and body washes etc. I know I have the Organic Surge products, but I want to try different soaps that are targeted for different skin types.

From Ravenscourt Apothecary, I bought the Activated Charcoal Soap and the Kaolin White Clay Soap. I know these products will work well for my skin type (oily/combination) and I can't wait to see how these products work out for me! 

These products will be reviewed either on this blog or on my YouTube channel in the next few weeks. I will try to have a blog post up sometime this week or next, so you guys will have something to read! 

I hope you guys liked this catchup post and have a great week! 

~ xoxo

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Caudalie - Divine Indulgence Set Review

Hey everyone :)

This is quite a delayed review as I have had the Caudalie Divine Indulgence Set since last month. But, better late than never eh? 

I bought the Caudalie Divine Indulgence Set after my Caudalie Divine Oil had ran out. I've blogged about the Divine Oil before in my February Favourites and completely raved about how amazing it is! I know some people don't understand how facial oils work, and instead, they choose regular cream/serum moisturisers. However, using facial oils (and oils in general) in my skincare has been the best decision I've ever made!

My sister introduced me to the Divine Oil after she used it - and it miraculously cleared up her acne and scarring! So who was I to pass up an opportunity to try the oil. I absolutely loved the oil and I decided to purchase the Divine Indulgence Set after seeing it was the same price as the full bottle of oil itself. (I purchased it on

So the Divine Indulgence Set comes with the full 100ml bottle of Divine Oil, Divine legs instant tanner and Divine Scrub.

So to review the instant tanner… 
Now you may be thinking: "Why are you using a fake tan when you're already brown". I'm quite pale, especially during the winter where we don't get much sun here in the UK. Well… when do we ever get sun here?! Nonetheless, I still like to try fake tan! 

This instant tanner is unlike other fake tans, as this is a gel sort of consistency with a bit of radiance shimmer, and the tan is instant (duh). The one thing I absolutely love about this instant tanner which is the first time I've ever liked this particular quality about a self-tanner, is the scent. You don't get that biscuit sort of smell that you normally get. The Divine Indulgence Set has this absolutely amazing scent about it all. The oil, the scrub are fairly similar in scent. But the Divine Legs instant tan has this amazing rich and delicious scent about it. Although I'm probably really weird for liking the smell of it… but it's amazing!

As you can see, it's quite dark when you first squeeze it out of the tube, but you have to blend it into the skin for an even tan.

You can't really see it on my arm, but I used it on my leg and you can definitely see the difference in colour! I told you guys i'm quite pale! 

The oil is, like I said, amazing. I used it on one of my breakouts - instead of using a moisturiser - and it really helped to reduce the breakout and control the oil my skin was producing. This was one of the key products that I used to help reduce my acne :)

The Divine Scrub, smells amazing too, is unlike other scrubs. I know some people have kinda criticised the scrub, but here is my proper review of it:

So most scrubs that we are familiar with are very gritty in texture. Whilst some people may like this - as they feel their skin is getting clean - I guess I don't like that. The Divine Scrub isn't really gritty, you do feel the scrub texture but it's not as abrasive as many other scrubs on the market. It's a far more gentler on the skin, and after using it, your skin feels smooth and soft.

The consistency of the scrub is of a solid form. It's not a scrub that has a lot of liquid in it, so you can hold it upside down above your head, and the scrub won't budge. 

So you can scoop out the amount you want, and it looks a bit like this…

Then once you add some water, it turns into a bit of a liquid-y milky consistency and then it becomes more of a scrub (without the harshness).

 Once you use the scrub, your skin feels really soft, smooth and not very oily. Despite it having a rich scent and formula, you may think it will make your skin kinda oily or leave some sort of an oily residue. It doesn't, which is great :)

You can purchase The Caudalie Divine Indulgence Set from

I hope you guys like this review, and I do recommend trying out the oil! :)

~ xoxo
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