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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

My Skincare Secret | How I Got Rid Of My Acne

Hey guys! I hope you have all been well over the past few weeks (well, since I had last posted!)
I have a hugely, massively exciting blog post for you all today and I know a lot of you will like this post. 

So recently, I've been receiving a lot of comments on my YouTube videos, other comments and messages on Facebook from a lot of readers and subscribers, asking how I've managed to really improve my skin in a short amount of time.

(I may have foundation on, but look, no bumps! And my scarring isn't as visible now :D) 

I remember during November last year, I broke out pretty badly on my cheeks - which sadly, this was the result of using a particular foundation that I shall not name! This break out continued over the New Year period and into the first few months of 2014. For someone who has dealt with acne since the age of 13, you can see how frustrating this was for me as I'm fed up with having breakouts and continuously finding a solution.

Fortunately, after learning about adding oils into my skincare, going SLS-free and adapting to a much simpler skincare routine, I managed to calm down my acne a hell of a lot! I'm writing this now, thinking when I last had a breakout (and I can't remember). 

{{I will have a skincare routine video up soon that I will also share on this blog too! This is the skincare routine that I have been using since the end of August, and it has helped my skin improve dramatically!}}

Whilst on this new skincare routine, I found that despite not getting breakouts, my skin still had a lot of redness. Around my cheeks and nose area. Over the past few years, my cheeks, nose and chin have been problematic areas for me and these areas have always looked quite sore and red from my acne troubles.
But within the last two months, I was introduced to a new skincare secret that has helped to calm my skin down dramatically and improve the appearance of my skin. 

Check out my before and after:

Before, taken around December 2013.

After, taken 25th November: 

You can see that my redness has reduced so much, my scarring has faded very well and also no breakouts! 

My Skincare Secret is…

Help:Clear Skin is a basically a little powder formula that you can add to your morning beverage, porridge, post-work out protein shake (you can get creative!) and you just drink it.
I'm honestly not that creative, so I've just been adding it in my hot chocolate and cuppas. 

According to the website, Help: Clear Skin: "contains PravENAC™, our proprietary formula incorporating a clinically proven bioactive protein rich in lactoferrin. Lactoferrin has been shown to reduce the development of the bacteria responsible for many skin impurities due to its anti-microbial effects."

And in case you're wondering, Help: Clear Skin is suitable for vegetarians, diabetics and anyone lactose intolerant. Gluten free.

Additional Information:
Each 3.5g skin food supplement sachet contains 200mg of lactoferrin, the full recommended daily intake.
Each serving also contains high extract aloe vera and zinc gluconate which have an antimicrobial and nourishing effect on the skin and oligofructose which is a source of soluble fibre extracted from the chicory root.

I've been drinking Help:Clear Skin for several weeks now, and even after the first week, I noticed a difference in the texture of my skin. I've found that my skin is much more softer, supple and less oily - which is a big plus!
After another week of drinking the formula, my scarring has been clearing up and I have literally no redness on the areas where I once did.
This is a product that has really improved my skin (as you can tell from my recent photos), and I highly recommend those with problematic skin, acne and blemish prone skin to give this a try! 

If you're interested in trying out Help:Clear Skin, click here and it'll take you straight to their website. 

And incase you guys are here before Black Friday (Friday 28th November 2014), feel free to use discount code BFCM25 for 25% off! This offer ends on 1st December at midnight.

Thank you for reading this lengthy post, I apologise for how long it is, but a lot of people requested it and I wanted to explain in depth about this amazing product! If you have any questions about the product, feel free to leave a comment below or on my YouTube channel :)

~ xoxo

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Are You Ready For Halloween?

If you're new to this blog or my YouTube channel (or you've been hiding under a rock), you probably haven't seen my Halloween Makeup transformations yet! So to save you the trouble, I have a selected a few of my favourite Halloween makeup looks for this blog post and written up simple step by step instructions on how to create the makeup!

Avatar Neytiri Makeup:
This is possibly one of the simplest Halloween makeup looks I've done, as it mainly requires blue paint, dark blue eyeshadow and white paint.
1) Apply the blue face paint evenly all over the face and neck with a large spine - large because you can get it done quicker!
2) Set the paint with a blue powder (I used a royal blue eyeshadow), this helps to keep the face paint from slipping and sliding after a few hours!
3) With a navy blue eyeshadow, dust this over the eyelids for a bit of depth on the face. Make sure to blend it out a little bit so you don't have panda eyes.
4) Using a thin angled brush and the navy eyeshadow, start drawing lines on the forehead starting from the centre of the forehead. 
5) Finish off the face with white dots on the centre of the face. This is completely random but I used a reference photo of Neytiri when I did this.

And that's your finished Avatar makeup!

Baraka Mortal Kombat Makeup:
This one is a little tricky for those who don't have a steady hand and patience! but the overall result and outcome is amazing and I love seeing these kind of makeup looks. 

1) Starting off with a neutral matte brown eyeshadow, start drawing out the folds in the forehead and the outline of the mouth. 
2) Using a white paint (or a white eyeliner pencil in my case), start drawing the teeth. It really helps to start from the middle outwards, as you're able to control where each tooth is and not get too carried away drawing one side different to the other side.
3) Taking a black eye shadow, draw around the teeth - this will be the open mouth.
4) Using a gum/flesh coloured pencil or paint, draw the gums.
5) Using a darker matte brown eyeshadow, use this to create more depth around the mouth and use this to contour the face a bit more accurately. So around the eyes, nose and sides of the drawn on mouth.

This definitely does require a bit more time and patience, but it will look great in the end!

Burns / Scars / Wounds Makeup:
This is quite an easy makeup look to create as it doesn't require an exact set of rules as to where the burns or scars are placed. Also, this is completely mess free! I wanted to create a slightly gory makeup look that didn't require putty or latex, or anything that is really tedious to use. (I've tried using Putty and I just couldn't get the hang of it)

For this makeup, I used the Mehron Bruise Colour Wheel Palette, as that had all of the shades that you need!

1) Taking a mustard yellow paint, dab this on different areas of the face where you want the burns to be. This creates a sort of discoloured appearance of the skin. For a natural effect, use a slightly old sponge that has been used many times
2) Taking a blood red paint, dab this a little on top of where you had applied the red paint, this will help to create a build up of a sore appearance. You want the skin to look bruised and charred.
3) Taking a thin brush, dip it into a Maroon coloured paint and begin to outline the wounds and burns. This is completely random and you can place these how big or small you want. For a bit of a realistic effect, try a big wound surrounded by a mix of small and tiny wounds. 
4) Using the same maroon paint, dab this on the outside of the wounds, to make the wounds look a little raised and inflamed. It will also make the wounds look more 3D too!
5) Taking a dark blue paint, apply this in a corner of the wound as this will give more dimension and depth to the wound - making it a bit more realistic. Also, just apply this on one side of the wound.
6) Fill in the wound with a mix of the red and maroon paint, and don't be scared to apply the paint a little chunky too! This will obviously contribute to the 3D appearance of the wound.

This is quite an easy look - although it requires several paints - but it can look pretty realistic and effective!

Leopard Print Makeup:
This is a pretty easy makeup look as it requires black paint - and a bronze colour too although that is optional!

1) Using a bronze paint, dab this along the temples or wherever you want your leopard spots. This will give you an indication of where to draw the outlines of the spots.
2) Using the same bronze paint, apply this around the nose and mouth - to give a more feline appearance to the face.
3) For the spots, you can use an eyeliner or a face paint but I used a face paint as it was easier for me to work with. Begin to create 'C' shapes rather than circles, and also use the same paint to draw the dots on the upper lip and create the nose.

It will help to use a reference picture of a Leopard! :)

Pop Art Makeup Look:
This too, is quite an easy makeup look as you're basically using white, blue and black paint (if you're wanting to emphasise the lips you can use a lipstick).

1) Start drawing dots along the face using a white paint or eyeliner pencil. I chose white as it really stands out, although I know some people have used red. Use your jawline as a guidance of where to place your dots. Try to keep your dots in a line and equally sized.
2) This is optional, but if you want to add a tear, create large tear drop under one eye to make it look like you're crying.
3) Taking a black paint or eyeliner, start to outline areas of your face including your eyeliner, eye crease, tear drop, face creases, nose bride, lips and cheekbones.
4) Also, draw your eyebrows thick and angular!
5) For the lips, you can apply your lipstick of choice and use a white paint to emphasise a light. Although this is optional! 

This is a super easy makeup look and looks very effective :) You can also play around with the facial expression too!

Bite Wounds Makeup:

This is pretty much the same as the Burns / Scars / Wounds makeup, as I used the same palette and process. The only difference with this makeup, is that I drew red and purple lines to look like veins. You can follow your natural vein lines or draw more to emphasise the wounds. 
This look requires a lot of dark blue as that will help to emphasise how deep the wounds are, and it will make it look really realistic.

Feel free to check out my YouTube channel for my Halloween makeup tutorials as I have plenty more on there :)

10 Reasons Why You Didn’t Peak During High School

Was High school really the best years of your life?

To answer that question... No. Probably Not. 

I don’t want this post to be a reminder of how shite your High School years was, but, it might take you back there.

I think we can agree that the main people who ‘peaked’ during High School had a whale of a time. But for those of us who weren’t so lucky, here are:
10 Reasons Why You Didn’t Peak During High School.

  1. The music you liked wasn’t so mainstream. And by mainstream, I’m talking about artists that pretty much everyone knew and heard of on the TV, (Beyonce, Rihanna, Pussycat Dolls - I’m struggling to remember artists that everyone liked back the 00s).
  2. Instead you liked music that was considered ‘weird’ so maybe a bit of Panic! At The Disco, Linkin Park, The Killers, Fall Out Boy. Yeah I’m struggling to find a reason why this music was considered ‘weird’ too...
  3. You were very smart at something or you were keen to learn. Which led to you being called a ‘swot’ or a ‘geek’. But to the majority of the world’s population, you were considered ‘a student who wants to get somewhere in their life’. 
  4. You didn’t follow school trends, and I’m talking about those headband things that people wore on their foreheads and those disc belts. Yeah, it may have been a trend but they’re so last decade.
  5. You actually got on with your teacher, and I mean in the sense of getting your work done and talking to them about how you could improve. (I’m sure you guys can tell I was nowhere near peaking during High School).
  6. You were shit at sports. Literally. C’mon guys, we can be honest here. I was terrible at sports and still am, in fact the only thing I can do is walk and sometimes I don’t do that properly. (I have an amazing talent at tripping over flat surfaces).
  7. You couldn’t wait to get home from school so you could play The Sims. Don’t lie. I know I wasn’t the only one.
  8. Or, you were excited to hop onto MSN Messenger and update your screen name with lyrics to a song that was a not so subtle hint to someone you liked... even though they most likely never paid attention. Although now we have websites like and Tumblr, where you can tell them your real and honest feelings... as Anonymous.
  9. Even your group of friends liked the same music as you, had the same interests as you and even disliked the same people.
  10. But despite these reasons, you still had a decent time during High School... minus the bullies, the negative comments and P.E classes.
This may seem like a negative post - which I hope it doesn't come across that way - because I guess things… worked out? 

Feel free to share this post if you agreed, or leave a comment if you have any reasons you'd like to add! :)

Monday, 13 October 2014

LUSH Skin Drink, Enchanted Eye Cream & Shimmy Shimmy Review

I've always been a bit iffy about LUSH products to be honest. And I guess it doesn't make sense that I've purchased their products and now writing a review about them. But let me explain…

During the past few years, I've seen the odd few LUSH hauls where people whip out bath bombs and basically well, bath stuff. And I'm not a bath kinda person, so the whole bath goodies never really appealed to me. 

However, recently I've been dealing with drier skin due to a change in my skin care routine, and my under eyes have been causing havoc for my concealer! You know when you apply concealer and it just settles in your lines, and then when you try to combat that and apply a bit more concealer and set it with powder, hoping that it will do the trick. I've had to do that on multiple occasions, however the concealer just accentuates my dry skin and I end up looking a little rusty. 

After explaining this to my sister, she insisted I try out an eye cream from LUSH that she swears by. (Which is really weird because it's usually me telling my sister which products to buy haha)
I've tried eye creams before and the only one which did the trick for me was by Soap & Glory. However as their eye cream is a little pricey for me at the moment, I opted to go by my sister's recommendation.

So off to Leeds City Centre we went and popped at the new LUSH shop - which is so pretty and just gives me a sort of 'free spirit' vibe!
I picked up a few items including: the Enchanted Eye Cream, SkinDrink Moisturiser and the Shimmy Shimmy Tint.

As my skin has been quite dry recently, so I opted for the SkinDrink moisturiser in hopes that it will get rid of my dry patches and keep my skin in supple condition!
It's quite a thick consistency which did give me doubts that it would cause my skin to break out. But honestly, this moisturiser has made my skin very soft and not caused any acne - woohoo! I do apply this sparingly however, as too much can make my skin look overly greasy. Once it's rubbed into my skin,  do have a slight oily appearance but my skin is left feeling soft.

The Enchanted Eye Cream is definitely a winner, as I found that it has really hydrated my under eyes. Initially I was a little bit worried that my skin would absorb it instantly as the cream has a very watery texture. It's very light on the skin and doesn't leave any residue. I've found that this eye cream has really improved the appearance of my under eyes and my concealer no longer cakes up or looks dry. 

I have sometimes used the Enchanted Eye Cream as a facial moisturiser - which may seem unusual - but as it is a cream rather than a gel, it felt light and pleasant on the skin :)

I also decided to treat myself by buying the Shimmy Shimmy Tint, which is a heart shaped little brick that when you rub it on your skin, you are left with a little shimmery tint. Which might I add, it smells absolutely amazing! 
I was tempted to buy the Black Stockings Tint - as that gives you a slight golden tan along with the scent and shimmer, but maybe next time :)

Once you rub the Tint brick on your skin, you end up with a nice light shimmer which you can then rub with your palm (to make it look a little more natural). 
I absolutely love this as it makes you look glowing, it's not too shimmery and the glitter specks aren't too large. The scent of this too, it absolutely divine. It's not an over powering scent, and it's not too sweet either. It's a very soft vanilla sort of scent and just lingers on you :)

I hope you guys liked this review, and I have a lot of products to review so I shall be updating this blog a LOT :)

Thanks for reading!
~ xoxo

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Halloween Tutorials In Collaboration With Poundstretchers

It's that time of the year again where we wonder, "Well… what am I going to dress up as on Halloween?" I know that thought always pops into my head.
Luckily I have got you covered as I have a few Halloween costume ideas. Recently I was kindly sent a huge box from Poundstretchers, which was filled to the top with Halloween goodies.

I received:
A Skull Kit
A Witch Kit
A Vampire Kit
Fangs & Glow In The Dark Paint
Fangs & Blood
A Coloured Wig

Each kit came with it's own individual accessories in order to achieve the desired look. For example the Vampire Kit came with fangs and an accessory, the witch came with a fake nose and teeth. 

I personally used the paints to create a different look, as I wanted to test how they worked in terms of pigment and lasting power, rather than using the kits to create the stated costume. (But also because I have already created a Vampire and a Skull makeup look before :P)

Although the paints may look like they're not enough (this was my initial thought), they are definitely plenty for a single face. Or, if you're using it for minor details or for small areas of the face, there is definitely enough paint to go around.
To create both of my looks, I used the black and white paints from the Skull Kit, and I found that to be plenty for my face. 

The white paint is very pigmented, even for my tan skin, enough to make my face look almost white. And the black paint is very pigmented and easy to work with. You may need to apply it liberally on the brush / skin to make sure you have the desired intensity of the colour - as it can look a little transparent with a small amount.

These are the looks that I created:

The first costumer idea is a sort of Kitty / Leopard look, which I created using the black paint from the Skull Kit. 
I used a very fine detailing brush to create the 'fur' effect of the leopard spots on my face, and for all of the detailing. 

Watch the video here:

The second look I created was a sort of Jack Skellington Pumpkin King inspired Halloween makeup look. I took the original idea but made it a little more life-like and creepier.
I used both the black and white paint from the Skull Kit to create this look.
A large sponge was used to apply the white paint liberally all over the face to create the blank white canvas, and then a fine detailing brush was used for the the eyes and mouth. 
This look required a bit more blending (around the eyes and eyebrows). 

Watch the video here:

As you can see from the first few images, the kits are very affordable and inexpensive from Poundstretchers. Do check the kits out even if you're going to what I did - and just use the paints - as it is good value for money!

Thank you for reading guys! :)
~ xoxo 
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